Lance Nayager
Lance Nayager
Payishen Paideya.
Payishen Paideya.
Durban - They’re just one year older than our 25-year-old democracy, and these two young South Africans have plans to make it even better.

Presenter at Megazone Bollywood radio, Lance Nayager, 26, from Phoenix, Durban, is an active member of Rescue Tech. During the recent floods, he helped paramedics rescue and treat injured people.

Nayager is part of the Phoenix community policing forum to make his neighbourhood a safe place for children.

Speaking to Independent on Saturday, he said he encouraged residents to help close down a tavern which was near a school, a church, a mosque and a temple in Woodview Drive.

“All I wanted was to protect the children. I mean, the tavern was next a school,” he said.

Nayager said he was happy with how the youth changed since 1994, and he believed there was a massive change in the level of education.

“Students are getting more access to universities, and there is funding available.”

He said he hoped in the near future, the government would help youth from disadvantaged areas with improved access to and knowledge of technology, which would help them improve their lives.

Pavishen Paideya, 26, encouraged cultural tolerance across all races through the medium of dance.

The choreographer teaches ballet, tap, contemporary, ballroom and Bollywood dancing. He also educates his students about the cultural implications of each genre.

He said he was happy at how people had grown more tolerant of different cultures in the country compared with the apartheid era.

He said people respected each other more, now that they were more informed about each other’s culture.

“I hope we see a better South Africa, we’ve come so far,” he said.

The Independent on Saturday