Glenwood High School pupil Jan du Plessis, 15, has been selected to captain the U19 South African Deep Sea Angling Association team. Picture: Shelley Kjonstad (ANA)
Durban - “When that reel starts to move, it shoots up your adrenalin as you wonder what you’ve caught,” Jan du Plessis said.

The Glenwood High pupil was selected as captain of the Under-19 SA Deep Sea Angling Association (Sadsaa) team, to compete in the Bottom Fish Nationals in Durban in August.

Jan jr, 15, said he started fishing at when he was 4, with his father as a mentor.

“My mother did not like it much because she said I was too young to fish,” he said, adding that his father has been fishing all his life, and it encouraged him to fish at a young age.

“If it wasn’t for a fight between me and my son, he probably wouldn’t be here today,” said Lucinda du Plessis, Junior’s mother.

She was scolding him about his dirty room, and he stormed off to join his father on a fishing trip - 11 years later he is captain of the national team.

“I’m the youngest guy at this stage” said Junior as he explained his shock and excitement, at the news of his appointment as captain.

Jan jr said to be considered to compete for Sadsaa, one needed to have fished for a local fishing club first, before stepping up to provincial and national level.

To make it to team captain, one needs to have fished for the team before and to have done an exceptional job at it.

“Recently I’ve caught a 31.5kg yellow fin tuna,” Junior said.

Jan du Plessis sr said: “I’m extremely proud of him.”

He said children in the sport appreciated nature more.

“Every time they go out into the ocean, they see something new, something different.” Being involved in a sport also kept youngsters away from drug or alcohol abuse.

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