Editor’s Note: Fitness inspiration, SUV dream and puzzle muddle

81-year-old Johannes Mosehla was the oldest Comrades Marathon finisher.

81-year-old Johannes Mosehla was the oldest Comrades Marathon finisher.

Published Jul 8, 2023


Looking for some inspiration to keep fit? Check out the sports pages for an interview with 81-year-old Johannes Mosehla, the oldest Comrades Marathon finisher, who says he is determined to not only run again, but also to improve his finish time! All I can say is “Go Madala!”

On our Motoring page is news that a new Chinese carmaker has entered the South African market, increasing the options for locals lucky enough to be looking for new wheels. Quaintly named Build Your Dreams, the company’s first offering is an electric SUV, which our journalist says has plenty to offer.

Over on Page 5, William Saunderson-Meyer accuses Cyril Ramaphosa of using the same tactics employed by his predecessor to avoid accountability over the serious charges concerning the Phala Phala saga. While the Public Protector has exonerated Ramaphosa, questions remain over the source of the dollars stolen from his sofa.

And now, my apologies to those readers upset by the new puzzles page introduced last week.

In a bid to rationalise, and as several of our older contracts ended, the Independent group has terminated some and gone with one supplier. The new pages are pre-designed and supplied as print-ready self-contained pages, with the solutions included.

Since they are provided as complete pages, we cannot move the solutions. We have, however, asked the suppliers to turn them upside down for future batches.

Unfortunately we are unable to restore the old format as we have a new contract.

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