Editor’s Note: Questions over Russian ship, power supply judgment

Russia’s Lady R leaving Simon’s Town in December.

Russia’s Lady R leaving Simon’s Town in December.

Published May 13, 2023


Did we sell arms to Russia?

Given the spectacular failures of US intelligence in the past and (probably) deliberate statements calculated to further its interests, I take the accusation with a heap of salt.

Anyone remember Iraq and WMD, and, more recently, the US's dire warning of terror attacks in Sandton?

Sure, there are questions to be asked, including what arms do we have that Russia could possibly be interested in, especially given that the US and Europe are giving Ukraine many of their most sophisticated weapons.

Another question I have is the motivation of those agitating for uninterrupted power supplies to government hospitals and clinics, police stations and schools.

They should know that power cannot be supplied to individual installations without it also being supplied to the surrounding area falling within the electrical grid, which will strain the precarious supply and likely result in more, longer load shedding in other areas.

I also question the logic of the judges who ruled in their favour.

Nevertheless, load shedding is a reality we will have to deal with for some time yet, and on today's Energy page, you will find a list of twelve must-haves when the lights go out.

Professor Tshilidzi Marwala also discusses how 4IR could help us out of the darkness.

If the power situation and other factors are making you think of leaving, check out Personal Finance for Corrie Kruger's piece on how the government is making it harder to take money out of the country.

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