South Africa - Johannesburg - 22 April 2019 - Motorist are seen driving past election posters in Alberton, a record of 48 political parties will contest this year's elections, millions of South Africans will flock to voting stations around the country to make their mark on 8 May. Picture: Itumeleng English/African News Agency(ANA)
In the run-up to the 2016 US presidential elections, about 60% of major newspapers in the “land of the free” endorsed Hillary Clinton, as opposed to about 2% which urged voters to back Donald Trump.

Some went even further to discourage people from voting for the controversial Trump, asking them to stop the “Trumpster” in his destructive trek to the White House.

It’s now in the annals of world history that while the majority of the voting American public took the newspapers’ advice, giving her the popular vote by three million, Trump beat her as the votes were counted by states. Clinton came oh-so-close to breaking the ultimate ceiling.

Clearly people in the US don’t - or no longer - listen to editors. Our counterparts there have lost their respect and influence, largely due to the rise of social media and fake news.

For this reason, I will desist from guiding you as to how to vote on Wednesday. Please take part in the elections whichever way you see fit, but - unlike the Americans - don’t go marching and rioting after the votes are counted. And don’t blame it on fake news. Just lie on the bed.

Here at home, we don’t quite have a tradition of endorsing parties openly and directly. Which is a great pity, since most journalists do what we do for the love of country.

May the best party win so that South Africa wins.

* Xaba is the editor of the Independent On Saturday