Summer in KZN. Is it worth it for a few days at the beach?
Summer in KZN. Is it worth it for a few days at the beach?

How long until it’s winter again?

By Zoubair Ayoob Time of article published Oct 16, 2021

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IF THE past few days were anything to go by, this is going to be a long, hot summer. In fact, by my reckoning, it has been too much of summer already. Bring back winter, I say.

To compound the misery of many this week, some 70 areas in the eThekwini region were without power, meaning there was no relief from the heat via fan or air conditioner.

In winter, you can put on as many layers as required to keep warm, and can comfortably go about life, playing sport, doing chores…

What do you do in summer? You can take off only so much before being arrested, and you have to go to work, mow the lawn and do the chores.

Is it worth the misery to be able to go to the beach for a few hours on weekends? I don't think so.

Speaking of getting your kit off, I salute the men (and some women) brave enough to strip down to Speedos for this year's Daredevil Run, held yesterday in aid of Cansa and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of South Africa.

Cancer is not a topic of easy discussion and, for men, more so when it comes to prostate cancer.

No doubt the check-up is uncomfortable to endure, but better that than going undiagnosed and finding out when the condition is advanced.

Speaking from an acquaintance's experience, early detection ‒ when the condition could be managed through non-invasive means ‒ is certainly better than the surgery that could follow.

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