LIVID: The EFF’s Floyd Shivambu and Julius Malema are both guilty of singing ‘Kill The Boer, Kill The Farmer’, says the writer.
PHOENIX - Former Constitutional Court Justice Zak Yacoob does not represent the Indian community. How can he judge the Indian community at large when he associates largely with Muslim family and friends, and those whom he works and lives with in Gauteng?

Who gives him the right to speak for us Indians, the majority who live in KZN, and label us racists? Yacoob is a supporter of the ANC and worked under it in the government. Therefore he will have a bias and speak for the party and not “one of us”.

The “us” being the Indian community who have not voted for the ANC in numbers and probably never will - thanks to the National Party for putting fear into us, and largely to the ANC, who proved our fears to be true.

Affirmative action is robbing us of jobs , places in universities, and land.

Home invaders are robbing us of land, farms, houses, cars and lives. High food and petrol prices, no houses built for us, and no land restitution for us in the past 24 years of ANC rule.

The EFF’s Julius Malema, Floyd Shivambu and the late Peter Mokaba are creations of the ANC, as they were leaders of the ANC Youth League. All were guilty of singing Kill the Farmer, Kill the Boer.

Wonder why there are so many attacks, robberies and murders against white farmers and now Indian farmers?

This was ANC racism and hate speech - then and the EFF now.

Malema and Shivambu, now proudly EFF - an Africanist Party, have long racially targeted Indians of South African origin and birth - because we conflict with their Africanist policy.

To the racist and fascist Malema and Shivambu and the EFF, we Indians cannot be South Africans, only Africans are.

Zac Yacoob, Ravi Pillay, Pravin Gordan, Omie Singh, Brandon Pillay, Fozie Pee, Vivian Reddy, Roy Moodley, Jay Singh etc and the ANC must take credit for creating these monsters because they were the ANC’s babies.


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