Durban 04-04-2014 Damage after Police came to setch a house in Durban North. Picture by: Sibonelo Ngcobo

Durban - A Greenwood Park couple face a miserable weekend following a police raid that left windows broken, pipes smashed and doors forced open.

A police unit raided a property in Greenwood Park which has upstairs and downstairs apartments and in the process bashed their way into the home of Vivianne Yan while she was asleep on Friday afternoon.

Despite no resistance from Yan, the police broke the door to her home, smashed pipes outside the building and shattered windows with bricks.

“I heard a big noise outside. Many people came with guns, and I was afraid because there were too many of them,” Yan said.

She was left traumatised as her home and the apartment above were raided simultaneously.

“It felt like the last time people robbed me. I asked them what was happening but they didn’t answer me. I felt I was going to die,” she said.

The officers searched through cupboards and into the roof boards of the upstairs apartment ilooking for illicit substances.

They even kicked a hole through an unlocked door to one of the bedrooms in their zeal.

Gregory Pennington, whose mother and aunt own the property, was left wondering who would be left to clean up the mess.

“I arrived as they were leaving and I tried to speak to them, but they were very rude to me and then just drove off,” Pennington said.

He was astounded by the force that the raid members used, and has concerns about how his family will be able to afford to fix the broken property.

“My mom and my aunt are pensioners. They’ve just had big problems with the house with water leaks that they’ve just spent an enormous amount of money to fix. As a result they have not been able to receive rent.

“How this affects them now, I don’t know. How are they going to pay for these damages,” he said.


He believes that those responsible for the damage should pay for the expensive repairs required.

“They’ve kicked open doors and broken burglar gates and windows. It’s very costly, and I think that they should have proper evidence if they are going to break things.

“I haven’t been to the police station yet, but I’m going to go there and lay a charge on behalf of my parents,” Pennington said.

As for Yan and her husband, they will have to sleep somewhere else until their home is safe and their windows and plumbing are fixed.

“They will have to be booked into a hotel or otherwise they’d be sleeping in the cold,” Pennington said.

An SAPS spokesperson could not, at the time of going to press, confirm that the incident had been reported.

Independent on Saturday