Elsa Majimbo opens up about her feud with model Naomi Campbell

Model Naomi Campbell. Picture: Piroschka Van De Wouw / Reuters

Model Naomi Campbell. Picture: Piroschka Van De Wouw / Reuters

Published Feb 19, 2024


Kenyan comedian and influencer Elsa Majimbo has opened about her friendship-cum-feud with model Naomi Campbell in a video posted on social media at the weekend.

Majimbo posted a TikTok video, which she has since deleted, disclosing the details of what fractured her relationship with the British model.

In the almost 9-minute long video, the Kenyan comedian detailed how Campbell, who everyone thought was the comedian's mentor, drove her to alcohol.

While smearing body lotion on her body, as she usually does in her ‘story time’ videos, Majimbo revealed why the two were no longer on speaking terms.

Elsa Majimbo. Picture: Instagram / majimb.o

The two met in December 2020 when the model was in Nairobi to do some shopping. Majimba shared how after exchanging text messages, they met and Campbell invited her to join her on vacation.

Majimbo recalled how at some point during the holiday, the model suggested that they do a documentary film about Majimbo’s life in Kenya.

She said Campbell introduced her to a couple of people in the film documentary business.

According to Majimba, someone then told her how Campbell claimed that she was behind her success.

Majimbo said after her documentary was screened at the Tribeca Film Festival in March 2022. The documentary was about her life, bullying, colourism, and falling in love with comedy.

After it screened, Majimbo said she got a phone call from Campbell, who threatened to sue her for the rights to the film because she thought it was the movie they had spoken about while the two were on holiday in Nairobi.

Majimbo relayed how she missed a scheduled phone call with the model, but did call her the following day.

It was during that phone call that Campbell told her that it was the last time she would speak to her and to “have a nice life”.

She recalled that after that during that phone call things started going wrong for her and then she started drinking a lot.

“I started drinking a lot because I wasn't sure why things were going so wrong and I couldn't put my finger on it,” said the comedian.

Majimbo said she later got a mutual friend to mediate a conversation between them where they could put the matter behind them.

After that Majimbo started telling Campbell everything she was doing to prevent another issue from coming up.

However, after a few weeks, she realised that it was healthier for her to simply cut ties with Campbell.

Even though Majimbo is adamant that Campbell did not “make” her, she admits that the model did however play a role in giving her credibility.

“She did hold me up high,” adds Majimbo.

She concluded the video by sharing that they were no longer friends, nor were they enemies, they are just strangers now.

She posted the full video on TikTok as well but soon deleted it.

Afterwards, she posted the following: “I stand by my words. Content in my decision. The tweets are deleted due to seeking peace, not fear. Yall need to understand this is something that has happened since I was 19. My goal now is happiness.”

— Elsa Majimbo 🇿🇦 (@ElsaAngel19) February 19, 2024

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