The rise of Elsa Majimbo as a fashionista

Elsa Majimbo. Picture: Instagram.

Elsa Majimbo. Picture: Instagram.

Published Feb 15, 2024


Elsa Majimbo is living proof that when it’s your time to shine, no one can take that away from you.

The Kenyan comedian rose to fame in 2020 when she went viral for her skits and, before you knew it, she was an international star.

Back in her ashy days, when she used to eat Simba chips and wear sunglasses while she cracked her jokes, Majimbo issued warnings that once she became successful, she would become arrogant.

Four years later, she’s a rich 22-year old girl with a house in Beverly Hills.

Her success is one for the books because she went from being an ordinary girl to a magazine cover star, Beyoncé’s guest and an A-lister – all in under five years.

Nowadays, she hardly shares her skits. Instead, she’s unleashed the fashionista in her.

She always posts videos of herself in designer clothes, moisturising her beautiful skin for a more luminous glow.

In her videos, she usually narrates stories about her life, moments with her friends and things she finds fascinating.

Some don’t understand her style but we get it. It’s the African girl with an American dream. The only difference is that hers is no longer a dream, it’s a reality.

Those cropped tops, the jewellery, the black lipliner and lipgloss combo, the denim mini skirts, figure-hugging gowns and a fur coat, that’s the style of icons.

It’s giving Aaliyah and the bell bottoms are giving Brandy as Moesha. Her style is not of an ordinary person but that of a superstar and it’s not just in her head, it is evident in how she dresses.

She dresses like she’s being followed by paparazzi, which is good because when you’re an international star, they can’t catch you slipping. You must always bring your A-game, even when you’re going to buy milk.

Also, it’s funny how people are catching feelings because they don’t understand the style of delivering content. She doesn’t sell you dreams, she is the dream.

“Yes I’m rich and famous with fans and a house in Beverly Hills. And let me tell you what you’ll do about it … absolutely f%*king nothing. Stay mad and watch my every move,” she said to the haters.

If anything, they must understand that she’s standing on business as who she said she would be in her struggle days.

She said money would change her and guess what? It did! It changed her and by the look of things, she’s going to become even richer, because her fans love her content and support her.

Below are more of her iconic looks: