‘Day 2 of living in Paris’ - Rachel Kolisi and kids take long way home, thanks to Google Maps

Rachel Kolisi. Picture: Instagram

Rachel Kolisi. Picture: Instagram

Published Aug 23, 2023


The Kolisis are finally in Paris and they seem to be having the best time.

On Sunday Rachel Kolisi took to Instagram to share a series of images of their first day out and about in the city.

And even though her post read: “Day 1! (Don’t worry I won’t do a post everyday)” she’s already given us a “Day 2 of living in Paris” clip.

The mom-of-two shared a video of herself and her kids, Nic and Keziah, enjoying a day out.

The clip shows the family enjoying the sunshine and having fun in a park.

She wrote: “We visited @jardindacclimatation park today! It was AMAZING! €7 for each of us to get in (if you go on rides to have to get separate tickets) we didn’t do that option and still had tons of fun on the jungle gyms, swings and in grassy areas (lots of people took a picnic blanket and got some lunch and relaxed on the lawns)

“I had a video meeting while the kids were playing, and I saw a boy and girl trying to chat to Kez and Nic in French but they had no idea what either was saying, yet they still had tons of fun in their game - actually pretty amazing to see. So uncomplicated.”

She mentioned that she drove for the first time and added that both they and the car came out unscathed.

“Had to do a practice run without the kids first. And successfully got us home after the park, with the help of Google Maps ( should have taken 15 minutes but after about an hour of taking wrong turns, we made it),” she added.

She concluded by telling her followers that they were heading to London on the Eurostar the following day.

We’re all hoping that there will be a “Day 3” clip.