WATCH: 'Regret’ is a 6-letter word as woman has boyfriend’s name tattooed across her forehead

A woman had a tattoo done on her forehead. Picture: Pexels Pavel Danilyuk

A woman had a tattoo done on her forehead. Picture: Pexels Pavel Danilyuk

Published Nov 7, 2023


Having the name of someone you love tattooed on your body isn’t uncommon.

But it’s best to stick to family members or children when doing so.

So often we’ve seen people getting tattoos of their partner’s names - whether it be a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife - and regretting it when things don’t work out.

Of course, you think the relationship will last and that person is your everything but there are no guarantees that it’s forever.

Unlike a tattoo! Those are permanent.

This TikToker has caused quite a stir after going onto the app to share a video of herself getting a tattoo of her boyfriend’s name across her forehead.

Not a tiny tattoo either; a huge one that practically covers her whole forehead.

With over 15 million views, Ana Stanskovsky’s (@anastanskovsky) video has gone viral.

The video captioned: “My new face tattoo” shows her at the tattoo parlour having the tattoo done.

Clearly very excited about getting her boyfriend Kevin’s name inked on her forehead, we see close-up shots of the tattoo artist doing the tattoo as she grimaces in pain.

Ana, who’s already covered in tattoos, appeared to be very happy with the end result.


My new face tattoo ❤️

♬ original sound - Ana stanskovsky

Of course, it didn’t take long for viewers to jump into the comment section to respond to the video, with many wondering if it’s real and others telling her that she will regret it.

“Noooooo surly this is a joke,” wrote one person.

Another questioned how sensible her decision was by asking: “And if her breaks up with you, what then?”

“Wow you will regret this one day,” said another viewer.

Many are convinced that it’s a prank, with one person saying: “It’s a prank. There’s no blood or redness.”

Ana has, however, posted many responses showing viewers that it is in fact real.