Groom accuses maid of honour of ruining wedding because she refused to wear make-up

The maid of honour did not wear make-up at the wedding. Picture: Alekon pictures/ Unsplash

The maid of honour did not wear make-up at the wedding. Picture: Alekon pictures/ Unsplash

Published Mar 1, 2023


For most brides, it’s extremely important that her bridesmaids, especially the maid of honour, look good on the wedding day.

Not as good as the bride does, of course, because all of the attention should be on her.

There have been so many occasions where we’ve heard of bridesmaids trying to upstage the bride by changing their dresses or simply doing something that the bride didn’t agree with.

When you accept the position of maid of honour, you have to go along with everything the bride wants.

This maid of honour did exactly that, with one exception.

A 27-year-old Reddit user helped the bride pick out her dress, her shoes, and everything except for her make-up.

“I don’t agree with wearing make-up because I think the beauty industry is misogynistic and because it makes my face break out. I don’t shame anyone else for wearing it but I just don’t wear it myself. Jo (the bride) knows this and told me that it was totally ok to go make-up free which I was super grateful for. I had thought that because Jo was ok with no make-up, it wouldn’t be a big deal,” shares the maid of honour on Reddit’s AITA group.

“Most of the other bridesmaids as well as Jo ended up going very heavy on the make-up, so I kind of stood out. I’m not self-conscious even though I don’t wear it, and the other bridesmaids didn’t mind that I wasn’t wearing it, so I didn’t really mind. The wedding was very beautiful and went perfectly until about halfway through the reception,” she shares.

While everyone else was fine with her choice, it turned out that the groom wasn’t happy about it at all.

“Jo’s groom Henry pulled me to the side and told me how inappropriate it was for me to not be wearing make-up. He said that I was upstaging the bride at her wedding and that a woman shouldn’t be going to a public event without make-up anyway,” she shares.

This, of course, left her very confused, especially since the bride herself approved of her decision yet she still felt bad because of what the groom said.

“I waited until after the wedding to text Jo and say that I was sorry for not wearing the make-up and that I had heard her message loud and clear. She was super confused, and said that she really hadn’t had a problem with it,” she said.

Even after the wedding and having spoken to the bride, her husband and his friends have been texting her nonstop about how she ruined his wedding.

Was she the a**hole for not wearing make-up for just that one day?