Groom tells his bride her make-up looks ‘weird’ on their wedding day

Groom not happy with the bride’s make-up. Picture: Pexels Scott Webb

Groom not happy with the bride’s make-up. Picture: Pexels Scott Webb

Published Jul 30, 2023


All women want to look their best on their wedding day.

While many women don’t wear make-up every day, they would on their special day, even if it’s just for photographs.

Most women even hire professional make-up artists to do their make-up.

This bride did just that but her groom was not impressed at all.

Now the groom finds himself in Reddit’s “Bridezilla” group but as a Groomzilla of course.

The poor guy initially took to the “Am I the Asshole” group to share that he made a big mistake by referring to his bride’s make-up as “weird”.

He explained that he loves his wife to death and that she means the world to him and that she is a person who is comfortable with her skin and doesn’t use a lot of make-up.

He added that that is something he really adores about her, as well as the fact that they tell each other the truth no matter what.

In the post, he wrote: “Yesterday, was our wedding and the moment I saw her there I was shocked she used a huge amount of make-up that I barely recognised her without hearing her voice.

“She saw my facial expression and that I was acting a little out of the ordinary and she asked me what was wrong. I told her that it’s nothing but she looked a little weird with all that make-up in her face.

“She tried to laugh it off and started talking to her other friends, to be honest at that moment I really didn’t think I said something wrong or anything especially since she didn’t say anything,” he added.

“However, when we went home, she started to give me the cold shoulder treatment, I asked her what was wrong and she said it was nothing and she doesn’t feel well and she is tired etc…” he wrote.

He ended the post by asking Reddit users if he’s the a**hole for having said something and if what he said was the reason she was angry.

“The only appropriate thing to say to a bride is ‘You look beautiful’,” was one person’s response.

Another blamed him saying: “YTA. On the day she’s meant to feel beautiful and stunning and desirable to her new husband, you pulled a funny face and told her she looked weird.”

“On the one day above all days that a woman wants to feel beautiful, you told her she looked ‘weird’. Yes, YTA. I hope she tells you on your honeymoon that the sex is ‘disappointing’ so you’ll have context for the self-esteem damage,” commented another.