LOOK: Bride’s mother tries to outshine her by wearing an extravagant white gown on her wedding day

Bride’s mother tried to outshine her. Picture: Unsplash Samantha Gades

Bride’s mother tried to outshine her. Picture: Unsplash Samantha Gades

Published Sep 4, 2023


While it might not be written in stone, traditionally no one other than the bride is allowed to wear white at a wedding.

It’s considered disrespectful to do so or to overshadow the bride in any way.

One would expect such behaviour from strangers but certainly not from close relatives.

Most certainly not your own mother.

This bride’s mother broke all the rules with the choice of outfit she wore to her daughter’s wedding.

After being spotted on Facebook, a Reddit user posted a picture on the “Wedding Shaming” group.

“MOTB (mother-of-the-bride) in white! It literally looks like a double wedding to me…,” read the post.

The picture showed the mother of the bride alongside the groom, bride and flower girl.

Looking at the picture it’s hard to see who the bride is because both women in the picture are wearing white.

Of course, the woman with the veil holding the bridal bouquet is the bride but the mom’s outfit is more outrageous than hers.

The mother’s extravagant floor-length gown included a long cape and an over-the-top white floral fascinator.

Mother of the bride looks like a bride. Picture: Reddit

Reddit users were left puzzled.

“I honestly could not figure out which one was the bride in this pic (before noticing the veil) as the way they’re all standing sure doesn’t give any indication. Bit concerned mom may go after son-in-law considering she does look like she wants to be the one marrying him. If I was that bride this WOULD NOT have happened!! She wore white AND a cape AND two birds worth of plumage on her head! This is not a situation about just colour. She is legit disrespecting the bride and trying to be the main character. This poor bride! My heart goes out to her,” responded one person.

“The bride’s dress is stunning and I hate how much the MOB distracts from it,” echoed another.

“That’s literally a wedding gown…and the creepy hanging onto the groom is f**king weird too,” wrote another.