That’s insane! Bride asks 6-year-old boy to leave wedding because he was wearing white

Unhappy bride. Picture: Stokking Freepik

Unhappy bride. Picture: Stokking Freepik

Published Aug 23, 2023


Is there really such a thing as a perfect wedding?

Inevitably something, even if it’s just a little thing, will go wrong.

In this case, a little thing caused a major upset.

For this bride, the little thing turned out to be the groom's six-year-old nephew.

Now you’re probably wondering how a six-year-old little boy could possibly cause drama at a wedding?

Well, the groom took to Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” to share what went down at the wedding and why he and his new bride are now no longer speaking to each other.

He started by saying the ceremony was “amazing.”

“My wife was very strict on the fact that no guest is allowed to wear white, which is understandable because, for females, that’s considered rude or bad luck at weddings, I think.

“The reception was going well too, until I noticed my wife walking over to the bathroom with her face held in her hands. Obviously, I could tell my wife was upset as we’ve been together for three years now, and I can tell when she’s upset.”

He then rushed to the bathroom to check on the new bride. When he got to the bathroom, he found her sitting on the floor with mascara running down her cheeks.

When he asked her what was wrong, she told him that she was upset because one of their nephews was wearing white jeans and a white bow tie.

The groom went on: “I immediately thought to myself how she was completely overreacting because he’s a six-year-old child and had no idea that you can’t wear white to a wedding.

“I told her she was overreacting, but in a much nicer way, and I said that she should go enjoy the reception and forget about the whole thing.

“She eventually texted her sister to come to the bathroom and fix her make-up, so she could go back out and have a good night.”

The groom thought all was well for a while, and when he saw his bride talking to his sister, the mother of the little boy in question, he figured they were just having a harmless chat.

However, that was not the case.

“About an hour later my sister pulled me aside and berated me for my wife’s behaviour,” he wrote.

“She said my wife had asked her and her son to leave unless she had a change of clothes for him.

“This was far from okay to me, so I asked my wife to talk and explained everything my sister told me. My wife said she was completely in the right for what she asked, and I told her that if she kicks my family out, then I will happily leave too.

“My wife started crying again and saying that this is her day, and she doesn’t want it to be ruined by our nephew. This angered me because I had enough of her ruining our day over something silly.

“I then said she was not only selfish but that she was insanely insecure if she was worried about a six-year-old looking better than her,” he continued.

Words I’m sure he now regrets.

The post ended with the groom saying that the bride has been staying with her mother ever since the wedding, and they “haven’t spoken once.”

“Her mom reached out to me this morning and said that I need to apologise right away for being out of line,” he concluded.

He’s now turned to Reddit users to find out if he was in the wrong for speaking out.

Most users have taken his side, commenting that he is not the a**hole.

“NTA - Her reaction was really extreme, and I can't make sense of why what that child was wearing even matters.

“You do not owe her an apology, and apologising when she was that out of line is setting the tone for the rest of the marriage…” was one person’s response.

“You're not in the wrong...your new wife is nuts.'ve married her now so good luck,” commented another.