Petty much? Bride’s cousin wears red to wedding to indicate she slept with groom

When a woman wears red to a wedding it apparently means that she slept with the groom. Picture: Pexels Bruno Salvadori

When a woman wears red to a wedding it apparently means that she slept with the groom. Picture: Pexels Bruno Salvadori

Published Jul 26, 2023


The general rule for wedding attire is that a guest should never wear white or anything that looks remotely white.

Unless stated otherwise, or the wedding has a specific colour scheme as per requested by the bride and groom, you can wear any other colour you please.

But this wedding guest had ulterior motives when she decided that she was going to wear red to her cousin’s wedding.

Having had a fling with the bride’s husband-to-be, the cousin decided that she was going to wear red to the wedding to indicate that to everyone who will be attending the wedding.

The bride, a Reddit user, took to the popular site’s “True Off My Chest” group to share how she ruined her cousin’s plan.

In the post she explains that her cousin had a fling with her new husband, and, feeling bitter, decided to wear a red dress to their wedding to inform everyone about it.

She writes: “My husband and my cousin hooked up before I met him eight years ago. They met at a party and they hooked up that night but he wasn’t interested in anything more so he told her it’s not gonna happen.

“A couple of months later I met him and we started dating. A year later we made it official,” she explains.

Then her cousin recognised him from that night and demanded that they break up because “it was gross”.

Of course, she decided not to do so and the couple decided to get married.

“I got married a few weeks ago and in the months leading up to my wedding, my cousin made it clear that she’s gonna wear a red dress. A red dress means that she slept with the groom.”

In order for her cousin to not stand out and allow her to make this statement, the then bride-to-be asked her sisters, closest friends and three of her bridesmaids to all wear red.

“I asked everyone to keep it a secret because honestly, I didn’t want my cousin to have the time to find another way to make drama,” adds the Reddit user.

On the wedding day, her cousin was shocked and livid when she saw how many other women were wearing red.

According to the bride, her cousin sulked the whole ceremony and left early.

Personally, I had no idea that wearing red to a wedding had such deep meaning.

And neither did this bridal consultant.

According to Bored Panda Lisa Burton, aka The Bridal Consultant, who has two decades worth of experience in planning weddings, didn’t even know it existed.

“I’ve been planning weddings for just over 20 years and I can honestly say that I’ve never heard anything negative about wearing red to a wedding,” she told Bored Panda.

“In fact, at Chinese weddings, red represents joy and celebration and is a very popular choice with Chinese brides.

“The only colour I’m aware of that has any type of ‘taboo’ to it would be all white, which traditionally is reserved for the bride.”