WATCH: Bride and groom do an ‘Oprah’ and shower wedding guests with lavish, personalised gifts

Guest were excited and pleased with their expensive personalised gifts. Picture: Unsplash

Guest were excited and pleased with their expensive personalised gifts. Picture: Unsplash

Published May 18, 2023


Traditionally, weddings revolve around the couple receiving gifts from their loved ones. But for the rich and famous, it’s the other way around.

A TikTok video shows Toni and Miles Morton’s wedding-planning journey on their joint account. During an enchanting moment at their rehearsal dinner, the couple leave their guests astounded as they unveil lavish gifts for each of them.

Miles can be heard enthusiastically saying: “If you could look under your chairs, we have a curated gift for each and every person.” He says this while standing next to his gorgeous wife. They look like a million bucks, so it kind of adds up.

Get this, the gifts are carefully chosen for each guest according to their personality. ‘’We thought of personal gifts for each and every person; each gift is based on who you are,’’ he adds.

@newlynorton Had to show love to the people who have supported our journey! #newlynorton ♬ original sound - Miles and Toni

This was an Oprah moment on steroids. The gifts were not cheap.

Guest received Gucci bags, Louis Vuitton, Nike sneakers, coach purses, backpacks, sunglasses… you name it! Beautiful and OTT, but we’re here for it. The guest are left in awe and could probably not think of a better wedding.

“’Damn I should’ve came maybe y’all would get me drake tickets,’’ wrote one. Well, that doesn’t seem far fetched.

While another said: ‘’This is how good I want it in life and the type of friends and family I want around me.’’ Don’t we all, sis.

The comments also highlighted that there was no budget for the wedding, hence, the couple went all out, including with their invitations.

In a follow-up video, things get crazier! The bride gives her bridemaids a gift of Gucci sunglasses and… tickets to see Beyoncé live!

@newlynorton Replying to @P33ach33ss #newlynorton ♬ original sound - Miles and Toni

We all need friends like these.

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