PA warns of ‘war’ on opponents of illegal migration

Patriotic Alliance President Gayton McKenzie

Patriotic Alliance President Gayton McKenzie. Picture Leon Lestrade

Published Jan 13, 2024


The Patriotic Alliance is holding firm on its stance against illegal immigration, which the party claims is rampant in South Africa.

The party took the matter into its hands recently by posting patrols to check illegal movement between South Africa and Zimbabwe through the Malaladrift River.

PA's Gayton McKenzie said their goal was to bring attention the danger of illegal migration.

“We have no border. The problem is much bigger than we can show.”

The party's border patrol came under fire from Defence Minister Thandi Modise, who asserted that this was the task of the SANDF, the police, and the Border Management Authority.

According to reports, hundreds of Zimbabweans cross this river every morning on their way to work on farms in South Africa.

A few days after the party monitored the borders, Dr Mike Masiapato, Commissioner of the Border Management Authority (BMA) shared data revealing that from January 1–7, 2024, 480 people who were trying to enter the country illegally were intercepted at Beit Bridge.

“As the Border Management Authority, the implementation of the returning leg of the execution of our festive plan is going according to the manner in which we have planned. We continue to administrate people coming back into South Africa.

“So in terms of the Beit Bridge border post, as we started on January 1, 2024, we started with around 10,000 individuals that we were processing into South Africa and that number kept on escalating towards the end of the week. We were sitting at around 20, 000 individuals that we have facilitated, “ he said.

Recently McKenzie said the PA wanted an audit of all permits, staying documents, job visas and asylum seekers between 1994 and 2024.

“Don't come to South Africa illegally, go back if you are here illegally. This year and every year thereafter will not be a good year for illegal foreigners. Playtime is over, we want our country back, you hosted some of our leaders during apartheid, we hosted you, go back now, “ said McKenzie on X.

He further warned South Africans about the danger claiming the party had important information.

“We got some serious information, all progressive forces against illegal foreigners, be very careful when eating at restaurants, be very careful or rather avoid. War has been declared against us. We are ready. We want our country back, “ said McKenzie.

“I used to fight with people that would talk bad about illegal foreigners, I used to hire illegal foreigners until I couldn't ignore the damage that they are doing to SA anymore, they have reversed all our gains, some of you will open your eyes same way my eyes opened. Abahambe.”

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