Mia Farrow holds baby Ronan while Woody Allen holds adopted daughter Dylan

A picture may be worth 1 000 words - and Woody Allen was certainly keeping quiet as he studied a 1966 photo of his ex Mia Farrow with Frank Sinatra at a gallery in New York on Thursday.

The director has refused to comment on Farrow’s claim in Vanity Fair last week that Sinatra, not Allen, is the father of her 25-year-old son Ronan Farrrow.

But the director allegedly spent a long time pondering the photo of the couple in evening clothes and party masks taken by Harry Benson at Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball soon after their marriage.

The image was on display at the Holden Luntz Gallery’s stand at the Park Avenue Armory art and antiques show.

Allen, 77, began a relationship with Farrow around 1980, although the two never lived together. They separated in 1992 over his affair with 22-year-old Soon-Yi, Farrow’s adopted daughter with ex-husband, conductor Andre Previn.

The Oscar winner’s spokesman dismissed Farrow’s claims last week, saying they are “so fictitious and extravagantly absurd that (Woody) is not going to comment”.

Sinatra’s 85-year-old widow Barbara has also branded Farrow’s claims a “bunch of junk”.

Ronan, a journalist and lawyer, dismissed his mother’s claims, writing on Twitter last week: “Listen, we’re all possibly Frank Sinatra’s son.”

Farrow, now 68, married Sinatra in 1966 in Las Vegas when she was 21 and he was 50. The marriage fell apart 18 months later. She told Vanity Fair that he was the great love of her life and their relationship never really ended.

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