Eddie Khumalo, Bra Eddie as he's better known, is arguably one of the popular characters on e.tv soap Scandal. He's had his fair share of drama and scandal, as reporter and now editor of The Voice.

Having survived 1500 episodes a some achievement. Why have they kept Bra Eddie around?

He's original. It's as if I know this guy (Bra Eddie) personally. He exists and he's authentic.

He seems like the father figure on the show?

Yes. He's a great father figure and mentor to his journalists.

What did you think of the role at the beginning?

I just clicked with Bra Eddie. It wasn't a matter of just understanding his character description. It felt as if I knew him.

Which storyline did you have the hardest time with?

When Bra Eddie's daughter, Lolo, left for Durban. He's still waiting for her to come back! He's not complete without her in his life.

Bra Eddie and Maletsatsi's relationship has it's ups and downs- Are they happy?

Yes, they are. They represent the typical South African family and they each have a history that solidifies their union. They are living proof that everything will be alright in the end.

Bra Eddie's and Lolo’s is a tough relationship- could he have done a better job asd a father ?

I think he did a great job considering that he was an alcoholic. She turned out fine.

The biggest lesson you've learned about yourself while playing Eddie?

I'm still learning. Bra Eddie is not perfect. He makes mistakes and realises them quickly. That's what I love about him.

Are there any similarities between you and him?

We're alike in many ways. Except I don't drink like he does!

When the show started, it was a bit risqué. Would you have let your younger children watch it?

My own kids were old enough to watch back then so I let them. But I wouldn't have let younger children watch when we began. We even once shot some scenes at a Teasers and smoked. It wasn't as family orientated as it is now.

What do you think of the show now?

I'm happy with where the show is now. It teaches as well as entertains. The public response to it as well is a great indication of the good show it is.

What next from Bra Eddie?

Eddie continues to be a pillar for his family, friends and colleagues but becomes convinced that Tsatsi and Daniel are having an affair! Watch how he deals with it.

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