Beáta Bena Green unpacks the struggles of mixed-race identity sublimely in 'Wyfie'

Beáta Bena Green who plays the role of Shay. Picture: SUPPLIED

Beáta Bena Green who plays the role of Shay. Picture: SUPPLIED

Published Mar 25, 2024


Award-winning production company Homebrew Films has brought a fresh and captivating series to screens with “Wyfie”.

It following the lives of four first-year room mates at Pantera res in the fictional Eike University. Directed by Safta winner Johan Cronje, the show stars talented actors Beáta Bena Green, Celeste Loots, Kristen Raath and Mienke Ehlers.

Green, known for her roles in “Arendsvlei” and “7de Laan”, embodies the character of Shay, bringing depth and authenticity to her portrayal.

In a recent interview, Green shed light on her role as Shay.

Shay is an only child raised by a single mother, which influences her perspective and choices throughout the series.

"Shay's upbringing set the tone for her life," Green explained. "The challenges she faces stem from the loneliness of being an only child, the codependency with her mother and the struggle to find her identity."

Shay's background as an only child raised by a single mother adds complexity to her character, influencing her perspectives and choices throughout the series. Picture: SUPPLIED

Additionally, Green reflects on the relationships at the heart of "Wyfie", especially when it comes to the female dynamics.

Green highlights the relationships, particularly among the younger characters.

Drawing from her experience on set, she revealed that the friendships she explores on screen mirror those formed with her co-stars off-screen. This connection serves as a wellspring of inspiration for her portrayal of the character's relationships.

"I'm particularly drawn to the relationships they have with their mother figures. These relationships are quite beautiful because there is this cycle of woman-to-woman power and passion that just carries on over the generations,“ she added.

Drawing from her experiences on set, she reveals that the friendships she explores on screen mirror those formed among the actors. Picture: SUPPLIED

Exploring themes of mixed-race identity and societal expectations, she approaches Shay's journey with compassion and empathy.

"I play her story from a place of understanding, drawing from intensive research and conversations with individuals in similar situations," she shared. "I hope viewers can identify with Shay's journey and find inspiration in her fight for self-acceptance."

Comparing Shay to her previous roles, Green acknowledged the unique challenges of portraying a character with a different racial background.

"Shay is completely different from any character I've played before, yet the most relatable to me," she shared. "One challenge is embodying a different cultural identity, rooted in a race I have never played before."

In addition, the series explores the challenges of young adulthood and forming connections.

"There are beautiful lessons to be learned," she noted, "and I hope viewers can connect with the characters without judgment."

Looking ahead, Green remains ambitious about her career in the entertainment industry.

"I have many aspirations but actions speak louder than words," she commented.

As for aspiring actors and actresses, Green advised: "Work hard, stay humble, prioritize balance, and be kind to everyone all the time. Remain true to yourself and support those around you."