Blac Chyna’s mother accuses Tyla of joining the Illuminati

Grammy award-winning singer, Tyla. Picture: Instagram

Grammy award-winning singer, Tyla. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 18, 2024


Grammy-winning singer and songwriter, Tyla, has been accused of joining Hollywood’s secret society, the Illuminati.

The damaging accusations were made during an interview with Blac Chyna’s mother.

Toni Tokyo, whose real name is Shalana Hunter, was talking about Hollywood celebrities that she allegedly regards as being apart of the Illuminati, she mentioned that the most recent “industry plants” were rapper, Ice Spice, and our home girl, Tyla.

The three-hour-long interview by RealLyfe Productions titled, “Street Starz”, aired on YouTube recently and since then clips have been making the rounds on social media platforms, X and TikTok.

Tokyo divulged a lot of sensitive information, including who she “knows” is a part of the society, how the organisation gets people to join, and what they offer.

What sparked mixed reactions in Mzansi though, was when she mentioned that “Water” singer, Tyla, who just won her first Grammy, has sold her soul for the fame.

“(Sings ‘Water’)... Plant, plant, plant. Give her until February next year, cold-blooded freak. Turned inside out. One song gave you a Grammy, but you got people like Angie Stone, whose been around since I was 10 years old, never got one, how is that possible?

“You walk in, the song is still on the f**king radio and you got a Grammy? How do you do that, how do you get that. How did they even do an audit on it, no you can’t, that’s crazy,” said Tokyo.

Watch interview below:

Tyla’s fans have come to the singers defence saying that they just “smell jealousy”, while most other social media users believe that Tokyo may have a point.

@NerdZulu commented: “Tyla’s rise is suspicious though!”

@KeketsoLetooane wrote: “I have never heard Tyla song play anywhere in South Africa🤞.”

@Tebelelo_Lico wrote: “Tyla signed a big deal with a major record label. That's how it takes to be successful in music industry. Talent alone is not enough!!!”

@JustTweep commented: “I love Tyla, but that grammy win over one song was suspicious esp because the people she was up against have had a bigger impact than her.”

@Asa_Sigoxo commented: “I sense JEALOUSY!”