Boity Thulo is the latest SA celebrity to head back to church

Boity Thulo. Picture: Instagram

Boity Thulo. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 25, 2024


Rapper Boity Thulo is following in the footsteps of former award-winning boyfriend, Cassper Nyovest, by taking a spiritual path.

The “Wuz Dat?” hitmaker took to X to announce that she is returning to church.

Sunday, March 24, marked the first time in seven years since the musician “voluntarily” returned to the house of God.

This makes Thulo the third high-profile South African celebrity who has openly embarked on a spiritual journey in the past few months.

Last year, multi-award-winning hip hop artist, Nyovest,opened up about his newfound faith in Jesus Christ. He claimed to have had a transformative encounter with God, which them led to him being baptised in January.

In February, Grammy award-winning musician Black Coffee committed his life to God after his near-death plane accident.

Internationally, Puerto Rican star Daddy Yankee has also turned to his Christian faith. In December 2023, he announced that he was retiring from music to devote his life to serving Jesus Christ.

With Thulo being the latest celebrity to return to church, she openly welcomed criticism for her decision on social media as she also asked fans for their opinions on how to dress for the occasion.

“Going to church tomorrow, voluntarily for the first time in 7 years (here’s a space for those who are going to judge me…please spill freely) the rest, what should I wear? ☺️,” she wrote on X.

The post received traction from detractors, including @ChrisExcel102 who posted: “Tried presenting - It didn’t work. Tried Umjolo - Did work out. Tried Rap - It didn’t work out. Tried Sangoma - it didn’t work out. Now you’re in Church - if doesn’t work .. We will be there at Onlyfans no matter!!”

@Evidence_Shongw added: “What happened to your sangoma game?”

@ZandiliciousM2 commented: “I see that Cassper Nyovest's conversion is inspiring others. Thank you, Jesus.

“That's what salvation is supposed to do. Inspire others to come to the knowledge of truth, which is Jesus. He is the Way the Truth and the Life.

“Don't worry too much about what you wear. Just don't be naked. Just go with an expectant heart and God will meet you where you are.”