‘Bucket Boy' brings humour and nostalgia to the stage

The cast of Bucket Boy. Picture: Pierre Malherbe/Facebook

The cast of Bucket Boy. Picture: Pierre Malherbe/Facebook

Published Nov 7, 2023


Before the era of "Netflix and chill" and the rise of streaming services, renting movies from the nearest video shop was the preferred choice.

In November, the Baxter Theatre will be showcasing “Bucket Boy”, a captivating theatrical production written by Pierre Malherbe and directed by Adrian Collins.

This eagerly anticipated performance promises to deliver a compelling blend of humour and nostalgia to its audience.

The play is brought to life by the talented duo of John Maytham and Malherbe, who play several intriguing characters.

Set in a struggling DVD store on the brink of becoming obsolete, “Bucket Boy” cleverly explores the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment industry.

As streaming networks increasingly dominate the way people consume films and television, the store becomes a symbol of a bygone era, bringing back memories of a time when physical DVDs held the key to cinematic adventures.

David's DVD Paradise, under the ownership of Baardman (portrayed by Maytham), finds itself having to consider closing up shop.

The shelves are barely holding any DVDs, with most of them having mysteriously vanished over the years. Customers, too, have become a rare sight in this dead establishment.

In this dire situation, a glimmer of hope appears in the form of a struggling musician, Duncan Fahrenheit, portrayed by Malherbe, who not only acts in the production but also penned the script.

The play's narrative intricately weaves the pasts of the two men, inviting the audience on a journey filled with witty dialogue, a sense of nostalgia, and elements of mystery and suspense.

"Bucket Boy" is a poignant comedy that not only entertains but also prompts reflection on the changing tides of technology and the stories that connect us to our pasts.

Tickets cost R180. Group booking for 10+ costs R140, senior citizens and students also pay R140. Tickets can be purchased via Webticket. The show runs until November 15 at 8pm.

The cast of Bucket Boy. Picture: Pierre Malherbe/Facebook

Time After Time”

This mesmerising dance spectacle artfully weaves together the past and present, captivating the audience with its heart-warming narrative.

The show revolves around a young girl's enchanting discovery of her grandmother's diary, a cherished keepsake that unravels the extraordinary life of her passionate dancer grandmother, who once aspired to grace the stage.

As the diary's pages come to life, the audience is treated to a vibrant tapestry of two lives, separated by time but bound by their shared love for dance.

The talented dancers from BeGraceful Studio bring this tale to life, showcasing the enduring power of dance, the strength of family bonds, and the unwavering spirit required to chase one's dreams.

This show features various dance styles like modern, hip-hop, solo Latin, jazz, and more, making it appealing to both younger and older audiences.

"Time After Time" is a homage to the lasting beauty of dance and the timeless bonds that unite different generations.

Where: The Playhouse Theatre Somerset West.

When: Until November 11 at 7pm. Saturday includes two shows at 2.30pm and 7pm. Tickets are R120, available on Quicket.

The Queen Show”

Mzansi Ballet proudly presents “The Queen Show”, a family-friendly production that will illuminate the stage at Theatre On The Bay.

This performance pays tribute to an enduring rock band, one that has inspired generations to embrace their authentic selves, charming the audience with a touch of enchantment.

Performers are excited to show off its diverse cast, who have showcased their talent on some of the world's most distinguished stages, from Brazil to the United Kingdom.

Choreographed by the talented Michael Revie, who previously won hearts with the ballet-pantsula fusion in "Bengingazi", this show promises to deliver captivating and inspiring movements.

Angela Revie, his equally accomplished wife, joins him to ensure the performance is nothing short of spectacular.

The show boasts the creative touch of world-renowned fashion designer and stylist, David Hutt.

With more than two decades of experience in advertising, film, and television, Hutt has collaborated with iconic brands such as French Vogue and Lachapelle, ensuring that the costumes for the show are exceptional.

Where: Theatre On The Bay, Camps Bay.

When: Until November 11 at 8pm. Tickets cost between R220 to R300 and can be purchased through Webtickets.