Cyan Boujee mourns death of ‘sugar daddy’, now paying her own rent

Cyan Boujee. Picture: Instagram

Cyan Boujee. Picture: Instagram

Published Dec 29, 2023


Media personality, influencer and popular DJ, Cyan Boujee has confessed that this month was the first that she paid her rent herself.

This was only because the DJ recently lost her “sugar daddy”, who used to pay for “everything”.

Taking to her YouTube vlog recently, Boujee talked about their relationship.

“I have been crying and crying. I am so grateful for every single thing that I have achieved. I’m grateful for every thing I have, but I think I’m crying the most because I have some one really really close to me that passed away.

“It’s been 24 days since he passed away...It’s really not the best time for me right now... I am grieving. I am so happy that I got to this point because I was not emotional, I didn’t cry, I just moved on with my life.

She went on to say how at Christmas time they would send each other messages even though that couldn’t be together.

“When you lose someone, even if it’s physically or emotionally, you really realise that they made a difference...

“I was checking our last conversations, that is what hit me the most... He is gone. This kind of grief is what I don’t even wish to my enemies, but I’ll be okay.

“I actually just want to confess that this was my sugar daddy. I was absolutely so obsessed with him. It was just an open relationship so he was just doing basic things.

“This is also my first month paying my own rent because this entire year he was just paying for me.”

The influencer ended by saying that she didn’t want to say much for fear of how people will react.

Watch the full vlog.