DJ Zinhle sings Mörda’s praises

DJ Zinhle and her husband, Mörda. Picture: Instagram

DJ Zinhle and her husband, Mörda. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 3, 2024


Award-winning DJ and businesswoman DJ Zinhle has been topping trend lists for singing her hubby’s praises.

In a video making the rounds on social media, the “Thula” hitmaker shared how blessed she is to have married the award-winning musician, Mörda.

“I’m in my man’s dark room because I missed him and this room smells like him, so I decided to sleep here,” shared DJ Zinhle.

She asks fans and followers whether they have dated someone who they knew were “above your league”.

“Like people you never thought you’d get with and then, suddenly, they are accessible and they actually like you.”

She speaks about how this was the case with her and her DJ, record producer, singer and dancer husband, Mörda, whose real name is Bongani Mohosana.

“My husband is a music creative genius; he is so amazing. You guys have heard the music that he makes. He is incredible. I actually do not believe that I know the guy, just to know him.

“Bongani is the coolest guy, everyone likes Bongani, he is so cool, he is stylish, he is funny, he is amazing, over and above that, he is thoughtful, kind, considerate and oh, he is gentle. And then there is me and he still loves me.

“Surely God overdid it with my husband? … I know, I know that this guy is so much for me. Have you ever felt like that?”

Watch video below:

Fans had mixed reactions about the video. Some commented that she might really be missing him, while others thought that it was all an act.

@BanksGalorre wrote: “You can spot manipulation from a mile away.”

@Noma_here wrote: “Eish, I don't know what to make of this. It's true that in almost every relationship, one person trades up and the other trades down however when one says you're too good for them, believe them.

“Sometimes it’s a gentle way of walking away from them coz you aren’t feeling it any more for whatever reason OR they are more than what you think you're worthy of. I wish them the latter.”

@destinyzee said: “A woman needs to speak highly of her man. I love this for them 😍🙌.”