Fans are going gaga over Justin Timberlake’s ‘Selfish’, which has gone viral on social media

Justin Timberlake has released music for the first time in years. Picture: Instagram

Justin Timberlake has released music for the first time in years. Picture: Instagram

Published Feb 13, 2024


It’s Valentine’s Day on Wednesday, and Justin Timberlake is commemorating the romantic occasion by charming music lovers.

Ahead of the “month of love”, the musical mega star already has the hearts of the music fans racing.

This is as his latest release, “Selfish”, has already gone viral on social media.

The much-awaited love ballad, which expresses the American musician’s vulnerability, has his fans across the globe singing along with passion and emotion.

Scores more are replicating its unique dance moves on social media and have the official music video playing on repeat.

This track, which was released in late January, is the former NSYNC boy band member’s first song in six years.

And in about three weeks, “Selfish” has managed to tally around a whopping 22.4 million in all-format radio airplay.

Since its release, the song has also accumulated around 11.5 million official streams and 10 000 downloads in the US alone in its first full week.

“Selfish” earns Timberlake his 39th career solo entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and his 29th to reach the top 40.

This song is part of the musician’s latest album, “Everything I Thought It Was”, which is set to be released on March 15.

In an Apple Music interview coinciding with “Selfish’s” release, Timberlake explained that the song was a way for men to express their emotions, something many are not accustomed to doing.

“We were talking about the song itself and just breaking down the idea that you just don’t hear that from men often, that they would express an emotion that makes them vulnerable.

“And then, growing up the way I grew up, you’re taught not to do that. But I don’t know, it just felt like a really honest song.”

He continued: “The lyrics just started to come out honestly. And when I listened to the whole album, I felt like it’s probably, of all the songs on the album, production-wise, probably the most straightforward, and I don’t want to say simple because it’s complex within its simplicity to me.”

“Everything I Thought It Was” is available to pre-order now in a variety of formats.

And while the “Sexy Back” hitmaker didn’t reveal the album’s track list, he reportedly said that there are 18 songs on the LP, culled down from over 100 songs he worked on while recording the album.

Meanwhile, Timberlake has received a positive response to his upcoming “Forget Tomorrow World” tour.

The first leg of the 43-year-old superstar’s North American trek is set to kick off from April-July, with the second part of his performances slated for October, November and December.