GoodLuck emerges from a two-year hiatus with new single, ‘Goodbye My Friend’

Juliet Harding with Frigid Armadillo’s Lebo Lechela and Siyabulela Buhlungu. Picture: Supplied

Juliet Harding with Frigid Armadillo’s Lebo Lechela and Siyabulela Buhlungu. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 16, 2024


Award-winning electronic band GoodLuck, which comprises Ben Peters, Juliet Harding and Tim Welsh, have returned from a brief musical hiatus with the release of their new single, “Goodbye My Friend”, which features Afro-tech duo, Frigid Armadillo.

The new single has been described as a captivating journey through emotive soundscapes, blending Afro beats and an incredible lyrical narrative into a rich sonic tapestry.

Taking to Instagram, the chart-topping group’s lead singer, Harding explained that the song is dedicated to anyone who is going through a breakup.

“I wrote these lyrics after two of my good friends told me they were getting a divorce at dinner. I was so confused by the way they were handling it … like they knew this was what they needed to do to grow and evolve within themselves.

“It was hard but they were calm and resolute about their decision. It was actually beautiful and it moved me in such a profound way. The pain in giving up on the hope of what that relationship might have been is the hardest part but with change, there is growth and with growth there is magic,” she wrote.

“We all know someone who is ending a relationship or going through a breakup and this one is for you. It is a small candle in the darkness of the pain and I hope it brings a little solace for all of those who are still hurting.

“If you know anyone going through a breakup or ending a relationship with a friend … share this with them … sometimes relationships need to end for us to let go, grow and fall back in love with ourselves again.

“It also has a banging beat!! Call it the happy and powerful breakup song you didn't know you needed! We hope it connects with you,” added Harding.

Meanwhile, Frigid Armadillo, which consists of Lebo Lechela and Siyabulela Buhlungu, brings their signature production style to the table, infusing the track with a unique blend of tech and mainstream house influences.

Known for its live-electronic performances and philanthropic endeavours, GoodLuck adds its diverse musicality to the mix.

Since first hitting the scene in 2011, the band have come to dominate the charts in their native South Africa, with their international profile growing with every new release.

As they prepare for the next chapter of their career, they remain steadfast in their commitment to create music that uplifts and inspires.

“We know that if we keep writing great songs that can help people through all the chaos in life and if we can keep us all dancing, everything else will fall into place,” they said.