Kim Kardashian silences detractors with a powerhouse performance in ‘American Horror Story: Delicate’

Kardashian plays Siobhan, a publicist who is hired by an actress she met in an IVF support group, in “American Horror Story: Delicate”.

Kardashian plays Siobhan, a publicist who is hired by an actress she met in an IVF support group, in “American Horror Story: Delicate”.

Published Nov 6, 2023


When Kim Kardashian was cast in season 12 of the horror anthology series, “American Horror Story: Delicate”, people laughed.

They probably thought that creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk had lost the plot. And they can’t be blamed for thinking so.

After all, a reality star is not often taken seriously as an actress.

And while the Kardashians are one of reality TV’s most influential families, they are also one of the most loathed.

Over the past decades, viewers have grown weary of all the hookups and breakups, marriages (including the shotgun ones), sibling dramas and catfights.

Kim Kardashian, left, as Siobhan Corbyn and Emma Roberts as Anna Victoria Alcott in FX's “American Horror Story: Delicate.”

That being said, while you can hate on them, you can’t take away their successes. Thanks to momager Kris Jenner, the daughters have become entrepreneurs and icons in their own right. Rob’s a whole other story, unfortunately.

And Kim has arguably been the most popular and richest of them all.

Disastrous personal life aside, she has steadily planted her feet as an actress, with “Disaster Movie” (2008), “PAW Patrol: The Movie” (2021) and “PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie” (2023).

And let’s not forget about her hosting “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) in 2021. She nailed it, by the way. And she’s done the same as Siobhan Corbyn in AMS now.

Cast as the publicity manager to A-list actress Anna Victoria Alcott (Emma Roberts), who is on the cusp of even greater success, Siobhan doesn’t mince her words.

She is brutal with her honesty and doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Siobhan is also a powerhouse dresser, with not even a strand of hair out of place. She’s picture-perfect, which I think came naturally to Kim, who always looks cover-ready.

Her confidence is unmistakable. She commands attention as she slaps some reality into Anna, who has been overcome with paranoia in her bid to start a family with her husband Dexter Harding (Matt Czuchry).

When it comes to manipulating situations to her advantage, Siobhan is a doyenne. And she has a menacing edge. Kim juggles the various character nuances masterfully.

Cara Delevingne (Ivy Ehrenreich), Michaela Jaé Rodriguez (Nicolette Smith), Denis O'Hare (Dr Andrew Hill), Julie White (Ms Io Preecher) and Maaz Ali (Kamal Ahbuklän) make invaluable contributions to the sinister tone of the series.

If you enjoy the horror genre, this one is a must-see. And Kim is perhaps also owed an apology for being undermined. She’s simply mesmerising. End of story!

∎ “American Horror Story: Delicate” is streaming on Disney+.