Mzansi reacts to Ster-Kinekor shutting down 9 cinemas

Ster Kinekor will be closing nine cinemas across the country. Picture: File

Ster Kinekor will be closing nine cinemas across the country. Picture: File

Published Apr 18, 2024


The recent announcement of the closure of nine Ster -Kinekor cinemas across the country has been met with mixed reactions online.

The cinema company will also be laying off 236 employees, in the process.

Among the cinemas facing closures, three are in KwaZulu-Natal, five in Gauteng and one in the Western Cape. There are a couple of others that are under review as well.

The company said that in recent months, the business has suffered a significant decline in attendances.

“This is largely as a result if a challenging economic environment, prolonged and more intense load shedding as well as the impact of the Hollywood actors’ and writers’ strike where content scheduled for 2023 and 2024 has been moved out to 2025,” read the statement.

Most social media users were not concerned about the shutdown, saying that watching a movie at the cinema had become unaffordable for a household earning an average income.

@nkulipp said: “I went last month, and I paid R950 for myself and two daughters, including snacks. I will never go again its too expensive.”

— Nkululeko (@nkulipp) April 17, 2024

@VendaVendor wrote: “January, Numetro and paid R800+ for 3 kids and me for a kid movie. I realized should rather pay Disney+ yearly subscription and have plenty better content. Cinema is expensive aowa. If they want a big screen experience I will buy a projector.”

@angel_lourve wrote that she felt Ster-Kinekor’s business model didn’t make any sense.

“They mainly make money from selling over priced snacks, they did not adapt to a changing market and these are the consequences,” she said.

Sharing same sentiments, @phindiku added: “It’s companies failing to reinvent themselves. Market changed to teenagers and kids. I was dragged there to watch Barbie against my will. But I’m mom and I’ll pay. Change strategy. Focus on a different market.”

@iamVentWELL_SA commented: “I understand Cinemas are no longer making money But eishh the Memories at Sterland guys. 😩”

— VENTainment (Sound and lighting) (@iamVentWELL_SA) April 17, 2024