Nadia Jaftha plans to ‘step on necks’ this year

Nadia Jaftha. Picture: Instagram

Nadia Jaftha. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 29, 2024


Award-winning content producer Nadia Jaftha recently sat down with GoodHope FM presenter Carissa Cupido to discuss her break-up with musician, Xavier Haupt, her plans for 2024 and everything in between.

The Narmy Nation (Jaftha’s fans) will be pleased to know that despite her recent heartbreak, Jaftha is ready to take the new year by the horns.

The self-confessed introvert told listeners how grateful she was for their support.

Further along in the interview, Jaftha shared how her mother, Nawal Jaftha, who is also a social media influencer, believed that one day she would be bigger than what she’d dreamt she would be.

“She plays a lot of pranks; she made me think that I failed Grade 9 for like a whole while … So the next year, I changed things around. It was a blessing.

“She always told me that I am going to be a mogul. At the time, I was like: ‘What do you mean, what are you talking about?’

“Years ago, you’d start a business, then you’d stop, you’d waste money, so I said: ‘No this is not for me. So I just wanted to be an actress’. Now, I see the vision that she had,” said Jaftha.

Speaking candidly about her recent split with Haupt, she said she would “always love him”.

“The beautiful thing is that we both still on good terms. We both understand where we are on each other’s journeys … It’s still very fresh, I’d be lying if I said I’m completely fine.

“I’m keeping myself busy. Sometimes, it feels like I’m on auto-pilot, but I do what I can to heal and not be toxic about it.

“It was definitely a mutual decision. I know that it sounds so corny, but it was, in the most respectful way. I don’t have anything negative to say about Xavier, honestly, he’s amazing and I’ll always love him.”

She added that she wasn’t looking for love at the moment and was focusing on her career.

“I am dating my career right now. Everybody, can you please just hear me now? I am not interested in dating anybody at the moment.”

One of the things Jaftha is big on is healing, self-love and self-care. This year, the award-winning influencer said she would like to learn to be more patient with herself.

“I’d like to be a bit more patient with myself and to ask for help if I need it, because I’m just someone that likes to isolate completely … but I think lately I’ve been learning to ask for help more.”

When asked about her fitness journey, she said: “I think pilates specifically, was more of a mindset shift for me. I treated it like something I need to do, not something that I force myself to do. I’ve never been more confident in myself.

“I am just doing pilates, you can do it from your home.”

Sharing her plans for the year, Jaftha said: “I have huge dreams. I don’t think people can comprehend the dreams that I have. I think I’m doing a pretty good job so far. I’ve also learnt to just pat myself on the back

One of her 2024 plans include “stepping on peoples’ necks”.

“That’s all I’m saying,” said the “Who's My Daddy?” actress.