Prince Kaybee apologises for outburst after being accused of stealing track

Prince Kaybee. Picture: Instagram

Prince Kaybee. Picture: Instagram

Published May 21, 2024


Social media users are trolling multi-award-winning music producer Prince Kaybee for allegedly stealing a song that was shared with him three years ago.

It all came about when former “Idols SA” season 13 contestant, Botlhale Phora, called out the “Charlotte” hitmaker on social media recently, saying that Prince Kaybee’s new song was a remake of a melody that he had emailed to him a while back.

Watch the full video below:

Kaybee hit back in a now-deleted post, saying: “Se kae s*f*b* seo (Where is that b****?), he must also show me where have I ever spoken to him and bring the evidence.

“Botlhale, stop playing games bit**, where is the song you gave me and show me how you gave me?”

Phora served the evidence of an email which stated who he was, his reasons for emailing and an attachment of the song.

After X users trolled Kaybee, he wrote: “I got worked up by the allegations that aren't true. I still stand by my previous stance, I don't know him. I have never received or replicated his song and I do not use that email address because I have a personal email.”

He added: “To address the songs, we can all hear they are two different songs, in different keys and don't even share similar chord progressions, so to say I stole the song, is reaching, really.

“The song in question was produced from the same template I used to do Charlotte that's why it's the same chord progression as other songs in the same key or different. Apologies for my approach but we say a lot of things when angry and that's exactly how I felt.”

Meanwhile, netizens are not buying his story.

“Brother stop doing people dirty, one day, you will meet the wrong ones,” said @KemisoMo.

@TheScorpion9999 wrote: “Bro changed the key to his and you could hear that the pattern of chords are the same as of that boy.”