WATCH: Gripping whodunit ‘Trompoppie’ marches in with a stellar cast to boot

Melissa Myburgh as Luna in Trompoppie. Picture: Supplied

Melissa Myburgh as Luna in Trompoppie. Picture: Supplied

Published Nov 20, 2023


When it comes to churning out original local series, Showmax is on par with rival platforms and traditional TV offerings.

On the back of the streaming platform recently giving us “Spinners”, there’s another killer series (pun intended) on the horizon.

“Trompoppie”, an Afrikaans series with English subtitles, will be premièring on December 7.

In the meantime, the trailer has dropped and, based on the production value, cast and performances, it is going to see jaws drop.

A bit of an underdog story as well, it centres on Luna (Melissa Myburgh), an exceptional gymnast who gets a bursary to a prestigious private school, where she faces off with its elite group of drum majorettes.

Referred to as “trompoppies”, the mean girl clique don’t take too kindly to Luna, who comes from the wrong side of the tracks, stealing their shine.

As is par for the course in such an environment, there is a lot of nastiness aimed at Luna, who, given her background, holds her own.

But when bodies start dropping, the community as well as the school leaders get unsettled by the prospect of a serial killer using the school as their hunting ground.

This series is helmed by Safta and Silwerskerm-winning writer and director, Etienne Fourie, who is known for “Stiekyt”, “Die Windpomp” and “Tydelik Terminaal”, with Magda Louw, also a Silwerskerm winner, as the co-producer.

Elzet Nel in a scene from Trompoppie. Picture: Supplied

On working with Fourie, Myburg said, in a press release, “In 2014, I watched ‘Die Windpomp’ and it is my whole family’s favourite Afrikaans film,” she shared.

“It was part of what made me want to make Afrikaans films and TV. There is no one else like him in our industry.”

The other notable actors on the show include Albert Maritz, Marion Holm, Maite Rakabe, Joanie Combrink, Jane de Wet and Lindzay Naidoo.

Frank Opperman is cast alongside newcomer Braeden Buys, as detectives on the murder case, with Armand Aucamp as the trompoppies’ coach.

Braeden Buys and Frank Opperman in ‘Trompoppie’. Picture: Supplied

Elzet Nel, who plays the captain of the trompoppies, said: “‘Trompoppie’ follows the different drummies in a drum majorette team that is trying to win the national competition, as well as everything that comes with it… the pressure, the training, school, popularity contests, and rivalry between girls.”

“That’s how it goes when girls compete with each other, especially between the ages of 16 and 18. It’s horrible. So ‘Trompoppie’ also shows how each girl deals with the pressure of all this, and how far they are willing to go to come out on top.

“You are a team, but you (alone) are actually the team – you are your own team. So viewers can look forward to incredible dance routines – and unexpected twists.”

This whodunit is going to keep streamers glued to their screens.