SA President resigns during a televised address late on Wednesday night. PHOTO: Jonisayi Maromo/ANA
SA President resigns during a televised address late on Wednesday night. PHOTO: Jonisayi Maromo/ANA
Musician and songwriter Don Clarke
Musician and songwriter Don Clarke
DURBAN - A new song titled ‘Zuma Has Fallen’ has been released on YouTube. The song is composed by Don Clarke and it features Special Care. 

In the jingle, which is accompanied by lyrics such as “uBaba uphumile ePhalamende”, which loosely translates to “Zuma has left Parliament” - memes, amusing video clips and gifs are used in the high beat song. 

Departing President Jacob Zuma also appears on the video as they sing: “Zuma has fallen, down, down, down, down”. The song also refers to Zuma as ‘Duduzane’s father’, his controversial son who has been in business with Zuma’s close allies, the Gupta family. 

Last year, another song, titled Duduzane’s father, which had thumping gqom urban beats went viral after the EFF disrupted Zuma in Parliament and constantly referred to him as Duduzane’s father.


But who is Don Clarke? 

Musician and songwriter Don Clarke. Picture: Reverb Nation
A brief biography on the music streaming site, Reverb Nation, describes Clarke as a musician who has produced hundreds of jingles in the past two decades. 

He has worked with the likes of PJ Powers, who he wrote the song “Sanbonani” for, according to Reverb Nation. 

“Don Clarke is first and foremost a songwriter. He has written literally hundreds of jingles and songs over the last 25 years. In 1986 he wrote “Sanbonani” which was a hit for P J Powers. (Sanbonani also won the song for SA in 1986 and it was the first song written by an SA Artist to receive an honorary mention in the USA Songwriting Competition). 

“In 2000 he won the “Splashy Fen Music Festival” competition for a song celebrating 20 years of the festival,” read part of his bio. 

Clarke has worked with various artists in the Afrikaans market and worked closely with Leon Schuster. His band, the Crutch Mullets, have produced music jingles which include kwaito and maskandi elements. 

Last December, he produced a jingle titled “Jingle Bells 2017”, where he bemoans the country is in the s**t and uses expletives in his lyrics.