Zanele Potelwa can’t wait to ‘wake up with SA’ as she joins ‘The Expresso Morning Show’

Zanele Potelwa is the latest addition to SABC 3’s “The Expresso Morning Show”. Picture: Supplied

Zanele Potelwa is the latest addition to SABC 3’s “The Expresso Morning Show”. Picture: Supplied

Published Nov 1, 2023


Fresh energy and a vibrant presence has been added to “The Expresso Morning Show” in the form of Zanele Potelwa.

On Wednesday morning, this media personality was announced as the latest addition to the SABC 3 (S3) breakfast programme’s hosting team.

“It’s really great that Zanele is going to add her colourful energy to the Expresso team,” David Makubyane, the head of SABC’s platforms video entertainment, remarked.

He added that it was “encouraging to see a talent groomed by the SABC being given an opportunity on one of S3’s flagship programmes”.

Zanele Potelwa is the latest addition to SABC 3’s “The Expresso Morning Show”. Picture: Bongani Baloyi

Some of Potelwa’s SABC stints include presenting “Selimathunzi” on S1, the longest-running magazine show in the country, as well as being a 5FM presenter. This year, she was also a presenter for SABC Sport Netball World Cup show.

The Eastern Cape-born media personality said that she is thrilled about joining “The Expresso Morning Show” and that she is looking forward to sharing this experience with the nation.

“I can’t wait to wake up with South Africa,” she said, “and also to have lunch with them on the airwaves during my radio show.”

And while this latest presenting gig is yet another feather in Potelwa’s cap, she explained that she doesn’t take these opportunities for granted.

“I’ve always viewed entertainment as a privilege,” she said.

“Every stage is an honour and I hope this dream coming true for me reminds people, especially the youth, that our dreams are valid and blessings delayed are not blessings denied.”

Potelwa credits her faith as well as the confidence the public broadcaster has put in her for her impressive career growth.

“I’m beyond grateful to God for this amazing opportunity and to the mighty SABC for trusting me and believing in me.”

Zanele Potelwa is the latest addition to SABC 3’s “The Expresso Morning Show”. Picture: Supplied

And presenting “The Expresso Show” is also something that she manifested into her reality.

“A few years ago, when ‘Expresso’ had their presenter search, I didn’t enter, but I still posted a video online of how I would have entered, had I been able to at the time,” she explained.

“It has always been something I hoped for and ‘Expresso’ has always been a show I admired,” Zanele fondly recalled.

As Potelwa continues to be one of the brightest stars in the local entertainment landscape, she is set to enhance “The Expresso Morning Show’s” viewer experience with her infectious presenting style.

“Zanele will be a welcome addition to the ‘Expresso’ team,” SABC commissioning editor Maritha Greenland said.

Meanwhile, S3 programme manager Sane Zondi added that Potelwa “was a raw talent identified by the SABC on ‘Selimathunzi’ and that the power of the network continues to progress her career on TV and radio”.

“We are happy to see her grow on both platforms,” Zondi said.

Head of local productions at the SABC Lala Tuku is also looking forward to what Potelwa has to offer as the new “Expresso Morning Show” host.

“It’s exciting to see Zanele cross over between SABC radio and TV channels as she adds her fresh voice to conversations on the platforms,” she said.

“Her vibrant personality and deep-rooted connection to the SABC makes her the perfect fit for this dynamic platform.”

With the addition of Potelwa as its newest host, “Expresso” has also revealed that it will now be broadcasting simultaneously from studios in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The SABC believes that the introduction of the Joburg studio is a significant milestone in the show’s history, and is “a testament to the ‘Expresso Morning Show’s commitment to providing fresh and engaging content to its audience”.

“With dual studios in Cape Town and Johannesburg, ‘Expresso’ is well equipped to offer an even more comprehensive view of South Africa,” the SABC said.

They added that the dual studio format enables the show to feature a broader spectrum of guests, content, and live broadcasts from various regions of the country.

“It strengthens the programme’s connection with metropolitan millennial viewers across the country.”

∎ “The Expresso Morning Show” airs weekdays between 6am and 9am on S3.