2024 Health and fitness trends: From longevity to generative AI

The new year is a time for rest and renewal and can often include resolutions to commit to a more health-conscious future. Picture: Pexels/Andres Ayrton

The new year is a time for rest and renewal and can often include resolutions to commit to a more health-conscious future. Picture: Pexels/Andres Ayrton

Published Jan 17, 2024


As the new year rolled in, so too did the health and fitness resolutions. Millions are aiming high for a healthier lifestyle, throwing out the old habits and drawing in the new.

In 2023, we were amazed by the sudden interest in weight loss drugs, chilled to the core by ice baths and foraged into the world of medicinal mushrooms.

But now that the page turned to 2024, what will be the next chapter in our health and fitness story?

After all, it is the best time for renewal and it can often include resolutions to commit to a more health-conscious future.


This year, the spotlight turns to longevity. The term has been buzzing around for a while but is now ready to take centre stage.

Longevity isn’t just about adding more candles to the birthday cake; it’s about feeling sprightly and lively, no matter your age. 2024 is all about living the best life for longer.

The quest for longevity is picking up steam, taking the spotlight with a narrative that intertwines life span with life quality.

Emerging research is highlighting the powers of resistance training and plant-heavy diets, like the Mediterranean diet, which continues to reign supreme on the nutrition throne.

Smart tech takeover

Knowing how our lifestyle is affecting our health metrics is going to be huge in 2024.

Fitness trackers are set to become even smarter, and their mission for the year? To step up from mere pedometer peers to guardians of our health galaxy.

Wearable devices are going beyond counting steps and will begin alerting us to health hiccups before they become hurdles.

Wearable health monitors, which connect to apps on our smart devices, are an effective way to measure what’s working best for us.


The term “biohacking’ might sound like something out of a sci-fi flick, but it’s real and ready for action in 2024.

The approach is all about DIY-ing your way to top-tier health by tweaking your daily habits.

Picture this: walking in nature and listening to your feel-good songs, whether it is amapiano or afrobeat.

You’re nailing five biohacks at once – exercise, vitamin N (that’s nature), fresh air, moving meditation and some brainwave-serenading sound.

Increased focus on social connections

Beyond personal wellness, there’s growing chatter around rekindling social flames. The pandemic years have left a craving for community and connection, and health experts are witnessing a surge in appetite for social interaction.

Whether it’s in-person therapy sessions or participating in group sports, experts are seeing an increased desire for connection in the new year.

Social activities were appreciated on a greater level than before, said Bob Wright, the director of lifestyle education at Hilton Head Health to CBS News. Isolating increased baseline stress and, therefore, baseline inflammation.

It could also increase the risk for anxiety, depression and other mental health-related challenges. Many people got a dose of the isolating symptoms over recent years and were craving more opportunities for healthy socialising.

Sleep hygiene

The quest for a good night’s sleep is a universal aspiration, and in 2024, it seems that hitting the hay early might just become the new way to unwind.

As sleep leaps into the limelight, sleep hacks like blackout blinds, cool rooms, and a mindful pre-sleep routine are catching on as folks seek not just quantity but quality shut-eye.

Digital detoxing

Digital detoxing also makes a prominent appearance in the wellness stage, with an increasing number of individuals recognising the adverse effects of prolonged digital exposure on mental health.

Constant exposure to unrealistic ideals and lifestyle comparisons can take a toll on our well-being.

In 2024, we’ll see more and more people making a conscious choice to switch off from the digital world. This might look like going for walks out in nature and parks while leaving the smartphone at home.


Sobriety is taking a stand as a burgeoning health trend, gaining traction among health-conscious demographics and influencers.

Intentional sober events, such as parties, concerts and festivals, are steadily increasing in popularity, offering alternative avenues for recreation and socialisation.

The wave of sobriety and intentional socialising is a refreshing shift in how we approach leisure and social gatherings.

It’s about fostering meaningful connections and experiences sans the influence of alcohol, representing a seismic shift in lifestyle choices.

Functional fitness

The demand for functional fitness continues to surge, indicating a lasting appeal as we enter 2024.

Characterised by using hand-held weights and body weight in targeted movements, the form of exercise aims to improve overall physical performance in everyday activities by enhancing mobility, range of movement and core stability.

Reputable sources such as Mindbody and ClassPass are also noting a rise in temperature therapy. As indicated in their report, the trend is expanding to include combination treatments using hot and cold therapies.

A Mindbody and ClassPass report says the dual trend is expected to gain momentum, paving the way for a new wave of wellness treatments.

Functional fitness offers a holistic approach to improving overall physical performance, and is expected it to remain popular among fitness enthusiasts.

Temperature therapy

Temperature therapy is evolving as more people recognise the benefits of combining hot and cold treatments for enhanced recovery and relaxation.

Generative AI

Forbes lists the potential of generative AI as one of its 10 biggest trends that will revolutionise health care in 2024. The article cites that generative AI can be used to create data to train health-care AI algorithms