Botox in a bottle hits the South African market

Botox in a bottle is a non-invasive skincare treatment Picture: File.

Botox in a bottle is a non-invasive skincare treatment Picture: File.

Published Mar 20, 2024


Many people are obsessed with looking young. We see it every day on social media where people claim to look younger than their age, even though they look their age.

There is nothing wrong with looking your age because it shows growth. However, when you’re in the entertainment industry, looks matter, especially for actors.

And that is why the cosmetic industry will always flourish because there’s always someone who needs it.

Over the years, we’ve been introduced to cosmetic surgeries that often include going under the knife and injections. Seeing that there are people who still want to look younger without going through any of that, Vitaderm has introduced a new cosmetic treatment, botox in a bottle.

Coming in the form of capsules, this is formulated argireline, a hexapeptide composed of short chains of amino acid.

How does it work?

Argireline is known for inhibiting muscle contractions, a mechanism reminiscent of botox. Therefore, it binds cellular receptors, influencing the message pathways to muscles, resulting in temporary relaxation by reducing facial muscle activity.

It effectively minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially those caused by repetitive facial expressions.

Botox in a bottle.

How is it beneficial for the skin?

Reduces wrinkles

According to some skincare experts, argireline provides a muscle-relaxing effect that visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles. And using it regularly aids in preventing the formation of new expression lines.

Supports collagen production

This innovative peptide incorporates essential amino acids crucial for collagen and elastin production, promoting skin elasticity and firmness.

Hydration and moisture retention

Since the capsules are not edible but are applied to the skin, they can help enhance moisture retention for a more radiant complexion.

While botox in a box is new in South Africa, other international cosmetics brand like The Ordinary, RoC and SkinMedica have had it since 2023.

This cosmetic trend is expected to boom this year.