"Hey girls, I just want to let you girls know that I’m a real messy b***h… A messy b***h who lives for drama.” 

These words by internet personality, Joanne The Scammer, should be Taylor Swift’s new tag line, because that’s what she is. A messy person who lives for drama. The return of Taylor Swift to the music charts has been long-awaited by her fans and the industry. 

Swift is good for the music industry. She tops charts, sells out arena tours, her albums still sell more than a million copies in the first week and she’s good for radio. All this success and love has unfortunately created a monster and, yes, a snake. 
Like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, Swift is deceptive and she’s so good at it, she’s managed to get away with it for many years. For nearly a decade, Swift has expertly played the victim. 

She’s always been the wronged party. The girl dumped by her boyfriends just because she’s a nice person. 'Bullied' by Hollywood at awards shows just because she wanted to have harmless fun with Tinseltown’s leading men. 

Cheated of her big moments at awards ceremonies. Other people claiming her success. Other people ruining her tours. It’s a whole litany of crimes against Taylor Swift and frankly, it’s bull.
Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West (And yes, that's Jay-Z in the background). Picture: Getty
Swift is a shrewd businesswoman, one who is more corporate than creative. Every move she makes is calculated – there’s a reason for every single move she makes and it’s all about the bottom line. Money. 

For that, she deserves all the praise and is to be commended. Oh, but the stench she leaves in her wake is too much to handle and finally, the world has woken up to just how conniving she is. 

When Kanye West decided to go on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009, he didn’t know he was a catalyst in creating one of the biggest stars the world knows today. He helped create a monster and as he acknowledges in his song, Famous, from The Life of Pablo, he certainly did make that b**** famous. 

But, as fate would have it, he was also the catalyst that showed the world the true Taylor Swift. Finally, the world could see the snake so many people (Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian West, Calvin Harris, Camilla Belle, Demi Lovato, Lorde) warned us about. Oh, how blind we all were. 

Clearly transfixed by the sweet girl, whose mouth couldn’t possibly melt butter, we never thought that we were being played. 

I had hoped that her new music, especially her lead single, Look What You Made Me Do, would actually be about Swift taking responsibility for her actions over the years. 

For writing take downs about her boyfriends, trying to bury Katy Perry through the media, slut shaming Camilla Belle, getting Jessica Hart fired from Victoria’s Secret, lying about not giving Kanye consent to rap about her on Famous (which was caught on camera by Kim), and for making a mockery in her latest music video of Kim’s ordeal in Paris, where she got tied up, put in a bathtub and robbed of her million dollar jewellery. 

Swift is guilty of cultural appropriation (Shake It Off video) and her glaring omission of any African people in her Wildest Dreams video, which was shot on the continent, didn’t sit well with many people, including her fans. 

Swift is a talented musician. But it’s her persona that has left many not knowing whether to appreciate ignore her. 

Yes, sometimes art cannot be separated from the artist, especially an artist like Swift who lives her art.  Her desire to be the sweet girl who is everyone’s friend in Hollywood, has led her to make some really dumb decisions. Her ability to act like the ingenue and get away with it is all but played out. 

She is as cunning as any music executive and she knows it. 

Taylor Swift in a scene from her music video, Look What You Made Me Do 
Many are commending Taylor for taking back the serpent and owning it. But she’s not doing that. 

She’s mocking every single person who was hurt by her duplicitous actions. She’s not owning the fact that she is a snake. It’s all business. 

The last time she made the news in a big way, was when she was called a snake by Kim Kardashian and her fans. Naturally, she was going to use that as a way to return to the scene.

What we all need from Taylor is to quit with the dramatics and focus on creating good music that will once again put her on top as one of the best musicians in the industry right now. 

Unless she wants to be known as the Regina George of the music industry, it’s time she shed her snakeskin and turned over a new leaf. 

Unless , of course, she enjoys being a "petty b***h who lives for drama".