UNIMPRESSED: King Goodwill Zwelithini intends suing MiWay.
UNIMPRESSED: King Goodwill Zwelithini intends suing MiWay.

King not happy with MiWay apology

By LUNGANI ZUNGU Time of article published Mar 4, 2018

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DURBAN - KING Goodwill Zwelithini has rejected an apology by MiWay Insurance, describing it as “superficial, self-serving, disingenuous and have no real value”.

King Zwelithini now plans to sue the insurance company, although no amount has been disclosed yet.

The apology by the insurance company stemmed from a leaked telephonic conversation between  King Zwelithini and MiWay sales agent Sthembiso Sithole, who offered the king low premiums on his car insurance, house and furniture.

The recording went viral on social media last month and raised the ire of the royal household.

King Zwelithini, who recently appealed to the Zulus to donate R5 or more for the legal battle he intends launching against Parliament if it resolves to scrap the Ingonyama Trust Act, said this was “deeply offensive”.

On the leaked conversation, King Zwelithini can be heard asking Sithole if he knew who he was talking to.

Sithole responds “with Zwelithini Zulu”.

The king then tells Sithole that he is talking to the king of the Zulu nation.

King Zwelithini viewed MiWay as having no regard for the sanctity, responsibility and respect for protected private information.

He also believed that MiWay was deliberately circumventing what seemed a simple enquiry.

King Zwelithini has mandated Theasen Pillay of Theasen Pillay Legal Associates to further investigate the matter.

Pillay said: “His Majesty had not taken issue with the content of the recording.

"But His Majesty has been deeply offended by the unbecoming and overtly disrespectful means by which MiWay appears to have conducted its business activities, being with seemingly little regard for the rights of the individuals that they contravene in their pursuit of commercial gain.”

The king's other gripe was the “disobedient, disrespectful and contemptible” means by which a protected recording of the conversation was disseminated from the control of MiWay.

Among the king's other queries to MiWay was how a private conversation recorded by the insurance company found its way to a social media platform; and how the recording was downloaded or copied from MiWay’s system.

Pillay said the king also wanted to know whether MiWay’s security protocols were in place to prevent unauthorised copying of protected recordings.

“If there were security procedures in place, how were they surpassed?” Pillay asked.

“Please advise as to how MiWay came to be in possession of His Majesty's mobile number in the first place.”

He also wanted to know what measures had been taken after the incident and whether the police were informed about the matter.

Pillay said: “His Majesty believes that it is incumbent on him to bring awareness of this issue on behalf of His people. If His Majesty can be subjected to such mockery, one can only imagine the extent of the travesties that the ordinary man on the street must endure.”

MiWay CEO René Otto had not responded to questions at the time of going to print.


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