Sharon Isaac with her missing cat, King. Isaac, of Phoenix, Durban, has offered a R10 000 reward for the safe return of the cat.
DURBAN - A desperate Durban family is offering a R10 000 cash reward, a R500 tattoo voucher and five free car washes for the safe return of their beloved missing cat. 

The Isaac family's ginger-coloured cat, named King, who has only one eye due to it being removed as a result of cat flu, went missing from their Woodview, Phoenix home two weeks ago. There has been no sign of King since the day of his disappearance. 

Owner Sharon Isaac said King the cat was her family's life. They had picked him off the street as a supposedly stray kitten eight months ago. 
She said he was easy to identify because King had only one eye which made him distinctive from other cats. 
The missing cat named King, from Phoenix. Picture: Supplied
"When we found him, we immediately took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with something called snuffles which is a respiratory disease that affects cats. As a result, his eye had to be removed. We are appealing to anyone who may see him to please return him to us. He is so gentle, so please also be gentle when handling him, if anyone finds him. Even if he doesn't respond to the name King but matches the description, please alert us," said Isaac. 

The missing cat named King, from Phoenix. Picture: Supplied
She said her family would be grateful to the person who returned him to them and that the three rewards would be exchanged. Anyone with information on the missing cat can contact Isaac on 076 429 5679 or 084 869 6982.