Sbu Mpisane says Sbahle is recovering well.
DURBAN - Fitness bunnie Sbahle Mpisane is recovering well
under the supervision of doctors after her horrific August 9 crash in Durban, her father Sbu Mpisane said. 

Mpisane said his daughter had suffered multiple bone fractures in the accident, where her BMW 4 series crashed and later burnt after crashing on Margaret Mncadi Avenue (Victoria Embankment). 

"If someone suffers fractures like that, it takes three to six months to recover. Sbahle's recovery is going through different stages, the first stage was to save her life and to heal her wounds, because she had severe injuries and she is also receiving mental health care to ensure she makes a full recovery," her father told Isolezwe. 

Mpisane said Sbahle was still in hospital as a result and was counting on the medical staff at the Durban hospital to ensure he makes a full recovery. 

The last time Sbahle was seen by the public was when her brother, Andile Mpisane, posted a video of her on her hospital bed on September 11 where she had been wishing her parents, Sbu and Shawn, a happy anniversary. 
Sbu Mpisane says Sbahle is recovering well.
Sbahle, who had been 'glammed up' by her older brother -  was seen sporting a weave, a black velvet gown and her face was full of make-up in the video. It was the first time fans got to see Sbahle since her horror crash. 

After public criticism and as Sbu distanced himself from the video, Andile deleted the video at the time. 

On Friday, it will be Sbahle's third month in hospital since the crash. 

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