Businessman Siyabonga Gasa mentoring his recruit Sanele Ngubo. Picture: Supplied
Businessman Siyabonga Gasa mentoring his recruit Sanele Ngubo. Picture: Supplied

South Coast businessman hunts down thief who broke into his car and gives him a job

By Nkululeko Nene Time of article published Aug 8, 2020

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Durban - A KwaZulu-Natal businessman has been applauded for his generosity of spirit after hiring a man who had broken into his car at a parking lot in Durban.

Siya Gasa said he was touched by Sanele "Bheseni" Ngubo's family situation.

Ngubo, from Clermont in the Mvuzane area, had become a menace on the streets of Durban, Pinetown and small towns nearby where he broke into cars with the aid of a remote jammer and made off with valuables including laptops, cash and cellphones.

Gasa said he was so angry that he could have beaten Ngubo to a pulp after his car, which was parked on the corner of Broad and Mdu Lembede streets, was broken into last month.

For five days Gasa drove from Mthwalume to Durban searching for Ngubo who stole his ID, driver's licence and two firearm licences as well as a bag full of ammunition.

Eventually, he received information which led him to his home in Clermont, west of Durban. Ngubo told him that some stolen loot was sold to a drug dealer who resided in Mariannridge.

Self-confessed thief Sanele Ngubo celebrated his 21st birthday, and his second chance, this week. Picture: Supplied

Gasa said when he met Ngubo's mother Lindiwe it dawned on him that the family was going through difficulties. He said he had visited the family several times while looking for his stolen property.

"I realised that the family had not eaten, the food stall in the kitchen was empty. I felt so sad, it was clear that Ngubo stole because he wanted to support his late brother's child. I thought that he deserved a second chance because keeping him in jail could expose him further to crime. He could learn more tricks and become a danger to society," said Gasa.

Gasa told the Sunday Tribune that Ngubo's mother was disappointed about her son's actions. She thought Sanele was working and earning an honest living when he regularly came home with groceries.

A Grade 11 dropout, Ngubo celebrated his 21st birthday in style on Thursday during his first week of employment.

Ngubo admitted in a video which was widely circulated on Facebook that real the mastermind behind the theft was a pensioner from Lamontville.

He apologised to his victims and expressed his gratitude to Gasa for giving him a second chance in life.

Ngubo said he was excited with the opportunity because stealing from people would have cost him his life.

"I have realised there are many good people out there that I have hurt through my actions. But that is in the past now. I need to focus on doing good for my family and Gasa who has shown his faith in me," he said.

His mother said she was excited that her son was employed.

"Sanele had brought shame to the family. But he has been given a chance to redeem himself. When he came with groceries he made us believe that he got piece jobs. I had expelled him from home after I was told he was breaking into cars," she said.

Ngubo's mother said the family had been surviving on her husband's old-age pension.

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