‘Synergy key to achieving excellence’

Senthuri Naicker, Diyajal Dass and Ruby Dixon are among the top 10 matriculants of Ashton College with several distinctions. | SUPPLIED

Senthuri Naicker, Diyajal Dass and Ruby Dixon are among the top 10 matriculants of Ashton College with several distinctions. | SUPPLIED

Published Jan 22, 2024


Durban — Matriculants of the IEB curriculum received their results on Thursday and among the outstanding schools was Ashton International College in Ballito.

For the 14th consecutive year, Ashton International College has secured a 100% pass rate. The class of 2023 achieved a 100% Bachelor’s pass with a total of 52 distinctions obtained by the top 10 students, while three of them received a full house of distinctions.

Belinda Boucher, the head of the senior college, said their hard work throughout the year had paid off.

“We are all exceptionally proud of the class of 2023 who have worked tirelessly, supported by a talented team of staff to produce excellent results in the IEB matric examinations.

“Our students have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to excellence, and their hard work and perseverance have truly paid off. As we congratulate and celebrate the top achievers, we also acknowledge the students who worked with dedication to attain their personal best and who can be proud of some very fine results.”

Boucher also attributed the school’s excellence to their devoted teachers.

“Equally deserving of applause are our dedicated teachers who have played an instrumental role in shaping and guiding our students. Their passion for teaching and commitment to fostering a positive and conducive learning environment have undoubtedly contributed to this outstanding success. Education is a collaborative effort, and the synergy between students, teachers, and parents is key to creating an environment where excellence can thrive.

“We are exceptionally proud of our students and their efforts in producing these outstanding results, but we are equally proud of the thoughtful and well-rounded young adults they have become and we look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the future,” said Boucher.

Diyajal Dass, 18, from La Mercy, obtained nine distinctions, placing her first at the college. She recalled feeling shocked on reading the results.

“It felt unreal seeing my results at 11.30pm, I didn’t expect to pull all nine As. I expected seven As as that was what I was maintaining the entire year but it was truly a good surprise.

“All those long nights and time management paid off. It was a daily challenge but I made sure to always make time for self-care.

“I am very excited to start university this year, I’m proud of my accomplishments, I will miss school and my teachers but I’m ready for my next adventure,” said Dass.

Dass plans to study either medicine or actuarial science at the University of Cape Town.

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