WATCH: Punches fly in Durban mosque brawl during Ramadaan

By Karinda Jagmohan Time of article published May 23, 2018

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DURBAN - While Muslims around the world are observing Ramadaan, a holy month in the Islamic calendar, a brawl erupted outside a Mosque in Overport on Tuesday night.

Videos are circulating across WhatsApp groups and Facebook showing over 50 worshippers outside the Musjid-Al-Hilal gathered around a group of men in a scuffle.

The parties involved have since expressed “regret and embarrassment” over the fight, according to the South African Muslim Network’s Dr Faisal Suliman, who added that such brawls are not confined to Islam or any religion, but could happen anywhere.

The incident, shown in two videos, was believed to have taken place early this week following evening prayer.

Over 50 Muslim men converged around a young group in a scuffle outside the Musjid-Al-Hilal mosque in Overport.

The first video shows a small of group of seemingly young Muslim men throwing punches at each other. A red Fez (Islamic hat) belonging to one of the men in the scuffle falls off as someone punches his head.

As worshippers converge around the group, some to watch and others to stop the fight, one person can be heard saying: “The guy with the brown… he has a f****** big mouth.”

Over 50 Muslim men converged around a young group in a scuffle outside the Musjid-Al-Hilal mosque in Overport.

In the second video, a man with a brown jacket is seen being roughly questioned by an elder worshipper.

He can be heard saying: “He hit him for nothing. I’m not involved Bhai (brother). I never do anything, he started it. I’m not involved, why you slaaning (hitting) me?”

The Musjid-Al-Hilal authorities could not be reached for comment immediately, and the administrator of the Jamiatul Ulama, could not comment as he had not seen the video.

However, Suliman, said that internal discussions revealed the matter was attended to.

“I’m not sure exactly what the fight was about, but these are young men who let their emotions get the better of them, their tempers were lost at the end of prayers, and it’s up to them to make peace. They have expressed regret and embarrassment.  This was nothing more than a fist-hiccup (sic),” he said.

It was unfortunate that the brawl was against the spirit of the month, Suliman said.

“But the matter must be taken into perspective. Such a brawl is unfortunate at any time. We must also remember that Muslims are no different to any other religious groups or communities, and there are such minor issues and tempers flaring in all communities, whether outside a church, temple or rugby stadium. This is not confined to Islam,” he said.

Those who stopped the fight questioned a young man in a brown jacket who denied any involvement.

The incident at the Overport-based mosque comes in the wake of the #MosqueAttack on a Shia mosque in Ottawa, Verulam, which saw various sectors in the Muslim community and religious community come together to lend their support to the victims.

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