5 places to avoid if you’re single on Valentine’s Day

Avoid the park. Picture: Pexels PNW Production

Avoid the park. Picture: Pexels PNW Production

Published Feb 2, 2024


Valentine’s Day can be pretty unbearable if you are single.

To help ease the heartache, here is a guide of places that you should avoid on February 14.

Avoid the park. Picture: Pexels PNW Production

The park

With its winding paths, scenic landscape, and downtown setting, the park will be the ideal destination for many couples’ long walks to talk about feelings while sipping on their favourite beverages and munching on their favourite snacks.

There will be couples trying to be cute and teaching each other how to dance or skate. You will see an elderly couple holding hands on a park bench and it will make your heart warm, but also sad about your single status. Avoid it at all costs.

Do not leave your home. Stay in, curl up with some Netflix, hang out with your best friends and just get through this “painfully single” day of love.

Luxurious restaurants

Another place to avoid if you are single on Valentine’s Day is those luxurious restaurants. Couples book them for their romantic dates on the special day. It is also a hot spot for marriage proposals.

So unless you want to suddenly find yourself in a position where you are among a crowd screaming, “Say yes, say yes”, while a guy is on his knees proposing, or you take a selfie and see a kissing couple in the background, then by all means avoid these restaurants on Valentine’s Day.

Avoid movie theatres. Picture: Pexels Pavel Danilyuk

Movie theatres

Scary Covid-19 days are over and movie theatres are now a thing again. Since they are back, you can once again expect to find couples getting cosy in corner seats, especially on Valentine’s Day.

So, the movie theatre is one place you must certainly avoid, especially if you are planning to go for a romantic comedy movie.

The dark, cosy movie theatre experience, especially during romantic movies, is a nesting ground for everything romantic. And this is a recipe for disaster if you are single.

The mall

It is so cliché for couples to go shopping on Valentine’s Day and if you are trying to get in a little “retail therapy” on this day, forget about it.

Some stores will be at capacity with last-minute shoppers and couples teaming up on gifts. You are bound to be surrounded, and maybe even annoyed, by the crowds.

Avoid the ice-skating rink. Picture: Pexels Tima Miroshnichenko

Ice-skating rink

Sorry, but who goes ice-skating on a Wednesday, anyway? You probably will not have much problem avoiding this but stay away from any activity that could be a date venue for most people.