RTMC partners with online booking platform and Aware.org to promote road safety

A group of friends enjoying the festive season and having drinks. Picture: Unsplash

A group of friends enjoying the festive season and having drinks. Picture: Unsplash

Published Dec 5, 2023


As part of efforts to reduce road fatalities and carnage this festive season, the Association for Alcohol Responsibility and Education (Aware.org), the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) and the online accommodation booking platform Daddy’s Deals, have teamed up and launched a campaign against driving under the influence of alcohol.

The campaign serves to warn drivers that if they choose to drink and drive this festive season, they are likely to stay for free behind bars if caught.

The campaign raises awareness about the dangers of irresponsible alcohol consumption and aims to reduce the accident rate and death toll on South Africa’s roads during this December and January.

Carmen Mohapi, the managing director of Aware.org, said that behind a tongue-in-cheek initiative was a very serious message: “Don’t drink and drive these holidays.”

“The campaign’s road safety warnings are inspired by typical travel ads. We hope that the contrast between the blunt key message – drunk drivers stay for free – and a relaxed tone of visuals and supporting messages will help South Africans pause, think, remember our advice, and ultimately act responsibly after having drinks,” said Mohapi.

She said that while they anticipated a measurable impact with the summertime safety drive, road safety was a priority area throughout the year.

“Driver sobriety is vital 24/7 in order to protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians,” said Mohapi.

RTMC CEO Advocate Makhosini Msibi said that public-private partnerships such as the one with Aware.org and Daddy’s Deals help to mobilise different sectors of society to focus and find solutions to challenges that affect everyone, like irresponsible drinking and driving.

“Our driver intoxication and fatal crashes research extrapolates that an estimated 27% of fatal crashes in our country can be attributed to driver alcohol intoxication. Since drinking and driving is dangerous, unnecessary and unwise, these incidents can be prevented and avoided,” said Msibi.

Sinegugu Ngwenya, Content Marketing Specialist from Daddy’s Deals, said the initiative prioritised the safety and welfare of communities, especially during the festive season.

“We hope to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving through this clever campaign; by creatively promoting jail cells as accommodation deals we hope to underscore the critical message of responsible behaviour on the roads,” said Ngwenya.

Mohapi stressed that in addition to asking South Africans to resist drinking if they knew they would be driving, it was important to popularise and start building new social norms centred around the reality that it was now easier than ever to avoid drinking and driving.

“Why risk spoiling your holiday and good times with loved ones that you’ve worked hard for during the year?

“Rather prepare for the upcoming brunches, afternoon braais and evening celebrations by making use of the widespread availability of 0% alcohol drink options and transportation alternatives,” said Mohapi.