SANParks volunteer members contributed R80 million in service to national parks

Rhino mother and calf at Kruger National Park. Picture: Unsplash

Rhino mother and calf at Kruger National Park. Picture: Unsplash

Published Jan 23, 2024


As SANParks Honorary Rangers (SHR) celebrate the 60th anniversary of serving South Africa’s national parks, SANParks has expressed gratitude and congratulated the rangers for contributing R80 million in 2023.

According to the organisation responsible for the upkeep and management of the country’s national parks, SHR’s 2023 Integrated Report showcased the amazing work of the volunteer members and the projects that have made a tangible difference in the national parks.

“In 2023 the contribution of SHR to SANParks grew by 5% totalling R80m. SHR contributed a total of 313 000 hours of duties to SANParks, totalling an average of 155 hours of duty per member,” said SANParks.

SANParks highlighted that the SHR is a volunteer organisation that is open to anyone with a passion for nature and a dedication to support it, and SHR facilitates various activities that enable the public’s involvement in SANParks’ fulfilment of its mandate.

“Contributions made includes raising funds, creating public awareness and supplying workforce and equipment to supplement various conservation, tourism and environmental education needs within SANParks,” highlighted the conservation body.

SANParks also extended its gratitude to SHR members and donors for their efforts in support of the development, management and promotion of sustainable national parks that represent our country’s biodiversity and heritage.