Türkiye set to remain a global hub for aesthetic surgeries in 2024

Doctors performing an aesthetic procedure. Picture: Unsplash.

Doctors performing an aesthetic procedure. Picture: Unsplash.

Published Jan 8, 2024


Türkiye’s health tourism sector is making remarkable strides and will continue grow in 2024, experts believe.

According to the Ernst & Young’s (EY) Tourism Sector Assessment 2023 report, interest in health tourism in the country continues to increase.

In addition, almost 750K people visited the country for health services in just the first quarter of 2023.

Dr Salih Onur Basat, a reputable plastic surgeon in Türkiye, explained that when it comes Türkiye’s burgeoning success in this field - particularly in aesthetic surgeries - he anticipates that the increasing demand for Brazilian butt lift (BBL), tummy tuck, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and breast aesthetic surgeries in Turkey will persist into 2024.

Türkiye is fast becoming a hub of excellence in elective surgery

According to Dr Basat, Türkiye has become a global destination for high-quality, affordable elective, reconstructive surgery, thanks to its state-of-the-art facilities and the expertise of its medical professionals.

He highlighted Türkiye’s health infrastructure's high standards and commitment to elevating quality with skilled doctors and healthcare personnel.

A comprehensive approach to post-pregnancy body restoration

Dr Basat also revealed that “The Mommy Makeover”, comprising of breast surgery, tummy tuck, and liposuction, is trendy among international patients.

He further emphasised that this surgery has a tailored approach, addressing unique post-childbirth body changes.

The medical professional further advised patients on the importance of rest, as well as the adherence to post-operative guidelines, in order to ensure optimal recovery.

International patients seeking a seamless experience in Türkiye: opt for registered clinic

“To achieve desired results, it’s crucial to select a specialised surgeon and have realistic post-operative expectations,” Dr. Basat advised those considering surgery in Türkiye.

Looking ahead, the country’s health tourism sector is focused on its ambitious goal of US$ 20 billion, propelled by its robust health infrastructure and the excellence of its medical staff.

As Türkiye continues to excel in health tourism, offering world-class cosmetic and medical procedures, it stands as an attractive destination for patients worldwide seeking quality, affordability, and expertise in healthcare.