WATCH: Pastor Benjamin Dube serenades passengers on a flight and social media users react

South African musician and pastor, Benjamin Dube. Picture: System

South African musician and pastor, Benjamin Dube. Picture: System

Published Nov 10, 2023


Early-morning flights can be tedious. However, a group of passengers on a local flight got more than they bargained for and well wishes for the journey ahead.

In a video trending on X and TikTok, the spirit of praise took over a flight with Pastor Benjamin Dube and the Spirit of Praise vocalists.

Dube and the choir opened a praise and worship session and serenaded the passengers on the flight with the song, “Moy Oyingcwele”.

The video created by singer Omega Khunou o TikTok and reposted by World Champions, @ZweliKing, on X, has received more than 2.3M views and 3.1K likes.

In true Mzansi fashion, some passengers were jamming along and enjoying the moment by clapping and singing.

However, the gesture has left X users divided on whether the praise and worship on the flight was appropriate for the time and place.

An X user, Archbishop, commented: “I get on a flight and someone does this, I am dragging that company for filth because why must we be made uncomfortable? Look at the lady next to him 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️.”

Another user, SONDIYA, said: “Aowa , people are mad because it Christian’s!!! If it was groove song they wouldn’t be mad.”

— S O N D I Y A 🤎 (@Azandamashenge) November 8, 2023

MmamogoloWaOmo added: “I am not a Christian but I would have enjoyed that flight…. That is just me.”

Chaslen Koos said: “I see nothing wrong here, a worship session won’t hurt anyone ❤️.”

And I ❤️ Sho Madjozi! said: “I am a Christian, however in public spaces I am cognisant of the fact that not all people sing the same gospel as me. Very wrong!”

— I ❤️ Sho Madjozi! (@m_a_v_u_z_a) November 8, 2023